Adam Alamin Announces the Release of His New Lyric Video for “What I Want”

Adam Alamin Announces the Release of His New Lyric Video for  “What I Want”

“Theadamsmasher (TOLS)”

Theadamsmasher (TOLS), the rapper who is aiming to create a brand-new image for rappers and rap songs, has announced the release of his new lyric video. Adam is associated with a different kind of music that’s rugged but has great listening value. “My music is rugged but do-gooder,” says Adam. “It combines slick writing and lyrics with current pop culture references including other rappers, art, and animation. This lyric video is written from the point of view of a rapper who wants to define the things that will make him happy in life”.

The renowned UK producer Beatowski has handled the production of the song. Adam says he disapproves of the kind of rap music and the rap games being indulged in by other artists and wanted to do something different in this genre. That led him to the creation of this music video, which projects the wishes and dreams of a rapper. Adam has crafted a unique identity in the world of music and stands apart from other music artists because his music is clean and has a powerful element of positivity. “All my records are with a halal target audience in mind. There is no cursing and or any inhumane physical references,” adds Adam. “The pen name is used for representing a lyrical superhero who can compete with both upcoming, and respected legends but has his morals front and center.”

Adam wants to make a difference to the kind of music being dished out today in the name of rap. He believes that the current mainstream rap scene is over-saturated with either street gangsters and drug dealers or ex-strippers who all boast the inner-city slums. “My records provide a fresh, dope, do-gooder, attitude coming from the suburban area,” he says. For more information, visit @theadamsmasher_tols, the Instagram handle of the artist.

About Adam:

Adam is a civil engineer by profession with a passion for music. He loves to rap but does not like the way the rap genre is shaping up and wants to bring a brand-new perspective to rapping. He keeps his music clean and enjoyable. His rap albums are different, as it does not have any cursing or inhuman physical references. Adam’s music comes as a breath of fresh air for those bored with the existing rap content and style.

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