A Touching and Intense Soar ‘PARANOIA’! Kang Daniel, the No.1 comeback idol fans were anticipating in February

Image Source : Connect Entertainment / https://bit.ly/2OTr1ID

‘IDOLCHAMP’, a participatory mobile idol application, held a ballot from last February 2nd for about 2 weeks regarding the topic ‘Who is the February comeback idol fan PDs anticipated the most?’ As a result of the IDOLCHAMP voting amid the comeback notices of impressive idol groups such as SHINee, CIX, Chung-ha, and Sunmi, Kang Daniel held the honor of becoming the most anticipated February comeback.

As if preannouncing a full-fledged soar as a solo artist, Kang Daniel came back last February 16th with a touching and intense style from his first song. Kang Daniel’s music video ‘PARANOIA’ exceeded 10 million views in 49 hours, proving his strong presence. This is Kang Daniel’s shortest self-record, twice as fast than that of last year’s music video ‘Who U Are’.

The news that this new song’s lyrics were written by Kang Daniel himself, heated up the cheering of K-POP fans. Through this new song, he openly expressed the pain, conflict, and agony he actually experienced. The nightmare and pain that befalls upon everyone, but a shadow that most people know for themselves and want to hide. At the same time, he is telling a story to everyone living together in this era.

It literally means delusional disorder or persecution complex. Just like light exists when there is darkness, illuminates the inner self that is deeply embedded inside the ulterior side of the external part. If you have only watched Kang Daniel’s splendid performance on stage, now it is time to look into his inner self.

In this ballot, Kang Daniel won 1st place with 50.32% of votes, SHINee followed with 45.59%, followed by CIX, Kim Woo Seok, and Chung-ha and others.

Meanwhile, IDOLCHAMP that carried out the ballot is holding a best position ballot for the ‘Entertainment Idol Sector’ until March 3rd. Sua from Dreamcatcher, Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN, MJ from ASTRO, Lee Jang Jun from GOLDEN CHILD and others were nominated as candidates and a wide-color advertisement at Gangnam subway station is planned to be carried out for the winner of the ballot.

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