JayExclusive – The Fastest Rising Event Company In Geneva

Noumedor Jerome – the diligent and perceptive owner of this thriving event company had the advantage of diverse cultural background to build his brand across Europe.

Geneva, Switzerland – JayExclusive is a prospering event company based in Geneva, Switzerland. Noumedor Jerome is the mind behind this prospering company. Noumedor Jerome achieved success at a young age, while most of his friends and colleagues were still trying to find their way in the confusing and challenging world of business. Noumedor Jerome owns a successful event company that is present in several European countries. Jerome is glad that his career has been going in the right dimension and would love to keep it the way that it is.

Noumedor Jerome believes that his diverse background worked a great deal for him. The successful Entrepreneur said, “Being born in France and growing up in Switzerland in a way gave me an edge to navigate the continent and spreading our tentacles.” “From the startup days of organizing exclusive events in palaces and for luxurious brands, we have been fortunate to have a growing clientele which now consists of celebrities, athletes, and many others,” Noumedor Jerome added.

Noumedor Jerome was born in France and was brought up in Geneva, Switzerland. Having grown up in Geneva, he found an event company that supervised elite parties before rising to become one of the most requested event companies in Europe. The France-born serial entrepreneur disclosed that his diverse background, consumption of human capital and, passion for event management is some of the things that worked in his favour and set him and his company distinct from all other companies.

Noumedor Jerome, an entrepreneur who is usually perceived as one of the fastest-growing directors in the field of Event Management in Europe recently disclosed that he recently launched a new ‘creme de la creme’ structure, JayExclusive Company, in order to take client gratification to another level.

Event management is considered the toughest and most stressful job in the world. A recent study from the U.S recruitment site CareerCast approves, placing ‘event coordinator’ as the fifth most demanding job behind the likes of fire-fighter and being a soldier. Being an event manager is no piece of cake. It requires hard work, out of the world managerial skills and, client satisfaction. At any one time, an event manager is working with numerous projects, all of which are running at different times. An Event manager is supposed to deal with short terms goals, as well as long-term plans. Event managers need to keep track of so much data that they spend most of the time feeling like their head might burst.

Despite this, Noumedor Jerome was diligent to be an Event manager and that is how he built his brand in Europe. When he started this company, he intended to become an international brand with a presence in multiple countries and an elite clientele. Now, he has everything that he once dreamt of and his company has become one of the best event companies in Europe and has its presence in Paris, London, Marbella, and Dubai.

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