The Scale Of Probiotics Industry Is Growing Rapidly, And The Packaging Machine Of Health Care Products Is In Urgent Need Of Technological Innovation

After the baptism of the COVID epidemic, worldwide residents’ concern about their own immunity has risen sharply.

After the baptism of the COVID epidemic, worldwide residents’ concern about their own immunity has risen sharply. Many consumers have increased the intake of dairy products and meat products to enhance their immunity. Probiotics, as a kind of food beneficial to human body, is one of the popular raw materials for health products, which helps to maintain intestinal health, balance the flora and enhance human immune function. In the next few years, the market of food and beverage dietary supplements with probiotics will usher in an opportunity period. But also ushered in new market opportunities. In the next few years, the number of food products added with probiotics will also increase, and the packaging machine for health care products as probiotics cultivation and packaging equipment will also expand the market space.

Probiotics can not only improve the overall flavor of food, but also contribute to healthy digestion. They are more and more in the form of a supplementary ingredient in food and beverages. With the progress of probiotic fermentation technology, the application scope of probiotics will be further expanded. Now the market of health care packaging machine is quite different from the past. The price competition has been gradually replaced by the quality competition. The importance of technology upgrading has become increasingly prominent. Improving the technical content of the equipment has become a top priority for the development of relevant manufacturers.

multi lane Probiotics powder sachet packing machine

Relying on the professional level and mature technology in the field of packaging automation, people chantecpack has grown and risen rapidly. On the basis of fully introducing and absorbing international advanced packaging technology, it has successfully developed a series of equipment such as multi lane packing machine, cartoning machine and case packer to assemble whole fully auto packaging line.

1. Multitracks sachet packing machine

The multilane Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine  packaging machines support max 12 lanes. Could connected by buckets belt to a VFFS or cartoning machine. The line enables production of up to 1.800 spm, grouping the stick pack or flat sachet units into gussets, pillow bags or stand-up pouches in an intermittent or continuous motion, being able to work at the same number of cycles as the machine. Though single-dose product groups are usually multiples of the number of lanes, the option of the unitary counter exists.

2. Automatic carton case cartoning machine

The continuous motion cartoner complete line counting and grouping stick pack and flat sachets into boxes to fit the requirements of modern distribution of food, pharmaceutical, dairy, cosmetics and chemical products. A complete line with full servo motorised motion meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, integrating a fail-safe mode, an independent lane rejection (reject/sampling), a laser printer. people chantecpack has a wide range of machinery to complete people production line with the secondary packaging people want.

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