The development status and prospects of steel structure industry, 2021 The steel structure industry face huge challenges for future development.

In recent years, Chinese steel structure development has made significant progress. A number of world-class steel structure projects have been successfully constructed. A number of large-scale enterprises with comprehensive capabilities in design, research and development, manufacturing, and installation have emerged. The category steel structure specification system and the engineering technology system of the steel structure industry have basically been completed, and a consensus has been formed in the policy guidance to widely promote steel structures. However, as the world’s largest steel structure country, Chinese steel structure development still has some problems. At present, Chinese steel structure is mainly for housing construction. Since 2019, with the support of national policies, the proportion of multi-high-rise steel structure development has increased significantly; however, the steel structure industry to achieve development breakthroughs, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of residential steel structures to break through the bottleneck of the industry’s development.

Steel structure industry market pattern

After decades of development, Chinese steel structure industry has made great achievements. Steel structure buildings are widely used in large-span industrial plants, single-story, multi-storey plants, storage, storage rooms, large-scale public facilities and other fields. Roads and bridges have made great progress in the past two years. In 2018, Chese crude steel output reached a record of 928 million tons, a substantial increase over 2017. In recent years, it has also been the best period in the history of the steel industry. In 2017, China’s steel structure output exceeded 64 million tons. According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, the steel structure output exceeded 70 million tons, making it the world’s largest steel structure country. Steel structure output continued to grow at a rapid rate, with an average annual growth rate of over 13%. Last year, the National “One Belt One Road ”International Cooperation Summit Forum once again went abroad and became the climax of the development of overseas markets. Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has already begun to cooperate with the “One Belt One Road” Countries and related enterprises before the country officially proposed the “One Belt One Road” development strategy. And actively explore the development path of internationalization for the global market. Products and construction services have been exported to more than 80 countries around the world, and have formed all-round strategic cooperation with customers in many countries. In addition, the western infrastructure construction plan has also been implemented, and assembled steel structure construction has become a key industry supported by the state. These have brought new opportunities for the development of the steel structure construction industry. Facing new opportunities, the steel structure industry should focus on developing overseas markets, expanding the domestic market, and creating new momentum for the development of the steel structure construction industry.

Forecast of the development trend of the steel structure industry

Affected by the constantly changing market economic environment, the future development trend of the steel structure industry is scientific, reasonable and environmentally friendly. From a scientific point of view, technological innovation and reform have ushered in new historical opportunities. Affected by the in-depth promotion and application of science and technology, steel structure materials have a higher scientific and technological content, the compressive strength is gradually improved, and the construction technology is effectively improved, which makes the steel structure industry usher in a broader space for development. In the construction system of the steel structure industry, the industrialized production of steel structures and corresponding components has realized the factory production and on-site assembly construction of components, realized the integration and industrialization of building technology, improved the level of residential industrialization, and improved the building technology content. In terms of rationalization and environmental protection, affected by environmental protection policies, the pressure on future urban construction and development space will increase. The limited urban development space can no longer adapt to the acceleration of urban social construction, and the construction scope will become smaller and smaller. At the same time, due to energy shortages, the stock of non-renewable resources will gradually decrease factors and others, making the steel structure industry face huge challenges for future development.

Therefore, reasonable planning, energy conservation and environmental protection are the direction of the development of the steel structure industry. Through the simple processing and production of the steel structure industry, convenient construction, short cycle, flexible structure, and good use effect, optimize the resource allocation of metallurgical industry, real estate industry and construction industry, allocation planning according to needs and volume, maximize the efficiency of processing limited resources, this also can be able to protect the surrounding building construction environment, making the surrounding living air environment is further purified, thereby winning a wide and sustainable social development space.

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