Darren Herft Sports Central – Darren Herft’s New Australian Sports Site

Australian businessman Darren Herft recently launched his official sports website, Darren Herft Sports Central. On his site, he covers AFL and cricket news. After creating his website, he also received a shoutout from Australian Rules footballer Campbell Brown

“I can’t wait to read your articles about AFL. Don’t worry about Mark Robinson, Mark Stevens, Damien Barrett – who are they?” 

“For all the breaking big news stories, I’m going to be coming to your website,” said Brown. 

Before Herft started his sports website, he shared financial tips and information about economics on his personal website. One of his primary motivations for starting his new sports site was his love for sports. From an early age, Herft was involved in sports and he believes it helped set the foundation for his success in business. 

Herft studies sports for both relaxation and enjoyment, but he also studies sports for success. 

There are many management principles in sports that can be applied to business.

Here are just a few:

1. Use your strengths.

Sports athletes rely on the specialized abilities of their team members, and organizations do as well. In sports, there is little ambiguity about who has what role. The same goes for successful organizations. When you are leading a team in business or sports, it’s important to understand what strengths each individual member of your team has.

2. Simplify the process.

One key principle of management is to simplify the process. This universal practice can be applied to both sports and business. No matter how difficult the task at hand is, it’s important to break things down and develop a game plan. Sometimes the game is far too complicated for one person to understand, which is why it’s so important to focus on each single step of the process one at a time and to delegate. Effective managers break down complex undertakings and make them understandable so that the team can execute and achieve their objectives.

3. Consistency is key.

In both sports and business, consistency plays a key role in your likelihood to succeed. When former baseball shortstop and third basemen Cal Ripkin was asked about what drove him to be consistent, he replied with, “Any day could have been my greatest day playing the game.” Ripkin played 2,632 games and 21 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles. He is the record-holder for the most consecutive games played.

Business leaders can learn a lot from the success of athletes. This is just one of the reasons why Darren Herft launched Darren Herft Sports Central. By synthesizing learnings from business and sports, Herft aims to educate his readers about how to be more effective in their businesses and personal lives.

Sports are also an entertaining way to teach business concepts and they often replicate real situations in the business world.

To learn more about sports and business or to read Darren Herft’s articles on AFL and cricket, you can visit his official sports website.

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