Mohamad Najem The Talented Lebanese Chef Shares Some Important Tips

Mohamad Najem The Talented Lebanese Chef Shares Some Important Tips

“”It is more than just about being classy. Even in the kitchen!”
– Chef Mohammad Najem”
Mohamad Najem the Lebanese talented chef, with more than 30 years of experience in classic kitchen gives ideal and important tips to public.

Chef Mohammad Najem during his live session on his official social channels provided a set of professional advices to all those interested in becoming a chef.

Chef Mohammad Najem is a chef with more than 30 years of experience. His first and main advice to chefs is passion in cooking, meaning that everyone to love what they do and cook with passion. Secondly, the chef uses the best fresh ingredients and is able to design his dish that reflects his personality.

Besides, Chef Mohammad spoke about the importance of displaying the dish, as it should highlight the quality of the food and the preparation techniques while engaging the dinner senses. An effective coating should be easy to implement, yet neat and visually appealing to the guest. The chef must consider the plate with the eyes of the photographer to create a combination that harmoniously brings the various elements of the dish together using the perfect blend of spices, sauces and ingredients along with the colors that will create such a dish.

Chef Mohammad Najem added, serving a dish always begins with mastering the basics of proper cooking techniques, high-quality food and choosing dishes that fit the style of the dish.

Chef Mohammad continued to say, the plate should occupy the senses and attract dinner to it, and the dish to be used by the cook should be planned to balance the taste, texture, colors and cooking methods. The process will include the finest & freshest ingredients, using the perfect blend of condiments and sauces. As well the final touch is judicious use of decoration.

Every ingredient should be for a reason, the addition of flavors, texture and balanced elements will blend in with the palette of finishing.

In addition, Chef Mohammad emphasizes each cook according to the price value of each dish they serve, and guests always expect to have a dish worth the value paid, so the chef should always offer his customers a well-balanced dish with a good portion and adequate ingredients worth the money they pay.

Chef Mohammad Najem concluded: Passion is an essential ingredient to achieving perfection in any dish. Cook with love and serve with passion.

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