The Career Changers – Igniting Career Change With Inspirational Stories And First-hand Information From Experts

The Career Changers is an online community focused on bringing a change in society by promoting self-realisation, exploring new avenues, and inspiring people to pursue the career of their dreams.

London, United Kingdom – Choosing a career is one of the most critical decisions in life, and conventionally everyone has to make it very early in life to excel in the chosen field. The conversation about the value of career counselling is very new, and until a few decades ago, not everyone’s enjoyed the privilege of having access to a licensed career counsellor. There were minimal resources that helped people explore their hidden talents and determine what their original call was. The stigma around alternative careers was prevalent, which led to a rise in the population segment, unhappy with their professional careers.

Everyone in a profession they are not passionate about results in poor work performance or even overcompensating to perform satisfactorily, which can be extremely unhealthy. Researchers reveal that staying at an undesirable job causes mental health problems and according to a report by Gallup 51% of the American population is dealing with such circumstances. Most of these people are continually trying for a career change but lack confidence and inspiration to take the initial step, and the resources to help such people are close to zero. According to Google stats, every month between 10K to 100K people globally are searching for information and resources related to career change. The Career Changers is an effort to fill this gap via the online medium to help people at every corner of the world.

The Career Changers, a brainchild of Elisa Martinig, is a web-based online platform that aims to spark conversations about career change and serve as an inspiration source for everyone wanting to opt for a 360-degree career transformation. The online community is a comprehensive source of information for career change aspirants that equips them with the right tools and knowledge to assure them career change is possible at any stage of life. A career change can be an overwhelming activity as there are several risks involved in the process. With great focus on this aspect, the platform connects and collaborates with organizations that promote and favour career changes across different industries.

The platform has a dedicated section for authentic real-life inspirational career change stories from people worldwide who have successfully changed their careers. Pursuing multiple careers simultaneously is a real thing now, and everyone has various skills to discover and excel in life. This unprecedented platform’s ultimate goal is to give clarity and confidence to everyone who believes that there is no silver lining. The interview-style articles of successful people can be a life-changer for everyone, and readers can get a regular dose of it on the website. When asked to talk about the motivation behind The Career Changers. The founder said: “I love to discover stories of a career change and share them with the world as a source of inspiration for those who are still “searching.” Career changes are not the straightforward chronology written in our CVs but the sum-up of our dreams, ambitions, failures, and successes.”

The Career Changers utilizes different mediums to connect with people in the journey of self-realization. “The Career Change Podcast” is another inclusive effort by the company to cater to a larger audience and give them valuable information about tools, resources required to make a successful career change. The word comes from professionals and real people who have gone through the process and recognize its intricacies. The podcast is available on leading streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Overcast, and Deezer. The website has a dedicated page for career and life change directory for people excited enough to take professional help to clear out the confusion and embark on a journey of happiness and success by pursuing their desired careers.

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