1st Class Consultant with Mechelle Tucker Launches Renowned Services.

Celebrity networking maven, Mechelle Tucker, has created a consulting company to help brands and businesses increase both profit margins and visibility.

Mechelle Tucker is known for helping celebrities and national brands develop effective networking events along with branding and marketing services. Now, Mechelle has launched 1st Class Consultant, a creative services firm developed to elevate client visibility and strategize effective brand management. Tucker’s experience includes working on events related to the Grammy’s, NBA All-Star, WNBA All-Star, BET Awards, The AZ Reggae Fest, Celebrity Mama’s Brunch, Million Dollar Mingle, NFL Pro Bowl, T.I Live in Phoenix, The Team Trout Experience, NFL Super Bowl, Academy Awards, private VIP events, to name only a few. Mechelle Tucker excels in making tremendous contributions to the growth of the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. In her current role, she is raising awareness to ensure increased minority and female involvement in this industry. Mechelle Tucker loves her job and is honored to be a part of such a rewarding industry. 


“1st Class Consultant is my experience enveloped into a brand with a team of strategists and contractors behind us. We are here to help our clients understand how marketing, events, and branding services can lead to an increase in business. The consulting services is about teaching, showing, and then doing,” said Mechelle Tucker.

As a serial entrepreneur, Mechelle Tucker benefits clients through her ability to see what clients are missing. 1st Class Consultant is a way to spot missed opportunities and additional revenue resources by having an experienced and second-set of eyes consultant in a variety of important areas of operation. All proposals for work with 1st Class Consultant are complimentary and the company can tailor services to specific budget needs.

“I want companies, large and small, to have access to growth. You don’t know what you don’t know. Myself, and my team, will do a personalized consulting plan as to what is needed, how to get there, and how different promotional aspects, events, and marketing can not only lead to growth in a variety of ways- but how it can distinguish one business from another,” finished Tucker.

1st Class Consultant lists a variety of clients, as well as a CV work portfolio, on its website. Mechelle Tucker is available for a feature interview or to provide an opinion column on business development and branding for a variety of traditional and new media outlets.

For specifics about Mrs.Tucker, and her brand as 1st Class Consultant, please utilize the contact information below.

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Country: United States
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