Stevvo Pte Limited Releases Zensolo Neck Massager Pillow

The company’s product uses acupressure and traction for neck pain and headache.

Working or driving for long hours can cause muscle pain in the neck and shoulders. For most people, a good massage is an answer to such pain. However, as the pandemic continues, getting a good massage may not be the best option. Stevvo Pte Limited understands the pain people with stiff neck and shoulder go through. To help individuals with these conditions, Stevvo releases the Zensolo Neck Massager on Amazon US.

The Zensolo Neck Massager is a neck pillow tension releaser that targets acupressure points on the neck and shoulders. It has six trigger point release balls that can be used to aid tension headache, stiffness, and migraine. These balls activate the “Gates of Consciousness” and “Heaven’s Pillar” acupressure points and the area located at two fingers below the skull’s base.

The device is light and portable so it’s convenient to carry around. It weighs less than 0.7lbs and fits easily into a yoga or gym bag. It’s also made from a robust and safe thermoplastic polymer.

The Zensolo Neck Massager can also be given as a gift for friends, family, or colleagues looking for a tension release tool that incorporates all the benefits of centuries-old acupressure.

To use the device, Wouter Kalis, Founder of Stevvo Pte Limited, advises to slowly lie on the neck cradle and position one’s self so the upper two white balls are directly below the skull’s base.

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About Stevvo Pte Limited

Stevvo Pte Limited is the distributor of the Zensolo Neck Massager that can be found on Amazon. The Zensolo Neck Massager is a neck pillow tension releaser with six trigger point release balls that massages the neck and shoulder’s acupressure points.

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