Grad Student Launches BattlePulse LED Golf Balls to Help his Parents Retire

March 2, 2021 – Most grad students immediately begin a career to ascend the corporate ladder. The founder of BattlePulse LED golf balls is taking a different approach. He launched the company in 2019 to help his parents retire. He felt that since they’d supported him his entire life, it was time for him to help give them the retirement they deserve.

Golfing is one of the most popular activities in the world and nighttime golfing is seeing an increase in popularity as individuals seek new ways to beat pandemic boredom while staying fit. Golfing is a particularly spectacular experience when utilizing lighted golf balls. BattlePulse has developed LED golf balls for night play that features an extended light time.

The balls stay lit for a full 10 minutes, providing golfers with plenty of time to spot and retrieve the ball without wandering aimlessly in the dark. The lighted golf balls are available on Amazon and come in a set of six bright and vivid colors – red, blue, green, orange, white and pink. They’re packaged complete with a bonus net carry bag.

The balls are reusable and there’s no need to worry about water traps since they’re waterproof. Manufactured with a three-layer design, the balls incorporate an additional extra-thin covering to provide a good feel and the control that golfers want. The thick resin inner layer provides durability. The LED golf balls instantly light up upon impact when they’re struck with the club.

The LED golf balls by BattlePulse are highlighted with a 50-hour battery life. The company’s thoroughly modern LED-equipped golf balls meet the highest standards of the United States Golf Association and the Scotland-based R&A requirements for players at all levels of skill and competence.

Individuals no longer need to limit their golfing activities to the daylight hours. The balls provide golfers with a unique nighttime golfing experience and the glowing golf balls are also a creative way to introduce the sport to children of any age. The golf balls are equally applicable for family outings or a date night activity.

The LED golf balls by BattlePulse inject an extra element of fun to the sport for adults and children. The balls are bright, light up the instant they’re struck, and the LED lights provide ample time for individuals to easily track and retrieve the balls. When golfers play through, they’ll have the added satisfaction of knowing they’re aiding a young man realize his dream of helping his parents retire.

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