Eyecare Giant BlockBlueLight Discusses Hazards of Blue Light Emission

Eyecare Giant BlockBlueLight Discusses Hazards of Blue Light Emission
With its wide range of services and products, eyecare company BlockBlueLight aims to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ that can manage their clientele’s blue light problems and educate people about blue and green hazards light emission.

BlockBlueLight UK is a product of many years of researching and developing the most optimal blue light blocking glasses and lighting products that are all evidence-based and backed by the latest academic research. The receptors in everybody’s eyes that respond to blue light also exist throughout their skin. Using healthy lighting that has the blue light eliminated, all flicker is removed, and is low EMF, ensuring the clients live in a biological friendly lighting environment. 

It also holds the top position in the industry regarding fair pricing and warranty, which lures more customers every year. This company is well known for treating everybody with the utmost respect. They value their relationships with their customers that they have built over the years.

BlockBlueLight UK has special Blue Light Glasses & Healthy Lighting Solutions that are all evidence-based & backed by science. They eliminate all light frequencies that disrupt the client’s body’s natural rhythms, causing sleep disruption, digital eye strain, & eye damage. They specialize in energy-efficient and non-straining products and often guide their customers about the bits and bytes of information they have regarding blue light damage. They often work together with eyewear manufacturers and ophthalmologists to help their clients get a better understanding of how blue light can damage their eyesight irreversibly. 

The company also offers Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses & Light Bulbs that will eliminate the client’s exposure to all the blue and green light that lowers their melatonin levels. This lets the client fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed. This, in turn, results in more energy, focus, and happiness. They understand that managing blue light optimally in line with the latest science will set the client up for more energy, productivity & overall wellbeing, so their clients can live their best life all day, every day.

For more information, visit https://www.blockbluelight.co.uk/

This company has a passionate and dedicated research and development team that has developed a wide range of glasses for different situations along with a suite of various lighting products to cut out additional sources of blue light and improve overall health, including nursery night lights, blue-blocking torches, reading lamps, and a wide range of different blue-blocking light bulbs for different situations. Their research showed them that blue light from everyone’s modern LED and fluorescent lighting, combined with using computers and looking at phones all day, can cause eye strain, headaches, and migraines. Thus, in their efforts to promote wellness in this area, they have also invested in expanding the booming market for computer glasses, specifically designed to reduce these symptoms. 

This company also offers a wide range of different lens colours designed and optimised to be the most effective for different applications and situations. Starting from clear lenses,  which are intended to be used during the daytime, a person is exposed to artificial blue light coming from computer screens, phones, tablets, LED, and fluorescent lighting. They also have an anti-Blue light filter glass that cuts blue light emission from the computer and tablet screens by fifty percent. 

About the Company:

BlockBlueLight UK is well known in and around the place for eye care lenses and products that cut down on blue light and relieve their clientele from unnecessary medical hassles. They provide highly researched products that help comfort their clients who have issues with eye-strain or a general circadian issue. Moreover, this company understands very well that ophthalmological issues can cause an inconvenience at any time, and thus, their products are usually delivered in an instant.

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