Dr. Cheryl Wood Kicking Off Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

Dr. Cheryl Wood Kicking Off Shawn Fair's Leadership Experience Tour

Without a doubt, Shawn Fair continues to reach millions of people who need motivation daily. He does this through his Leadership Experience Tour and the Fair Consulting Group—equipped with his unique ability to motivate entrepreneurs at all levels and help them take their game to the next level, while at the same time inspiring the next generation of speakers and helping them find their footing and audience in the industry. Adding to the extensive and impressive roster of speakers, Shawn Fair has invited a special guest speaker for the Leadership Experience Tour: Dr. Cheryl Wood. 

Shawn is currently a high-ranking member of the Forbes Coaching Council and is one of the most in-demand and highly sought-after consultants for major corporations (including Fortune 500 companies) in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Thanks to his genuine and personal coaching and training service, he is currently considered a top choice in the training industry. Over the years, Shawn has directly or indirectly trained over 300,000 leaders globally. The Leadership Experience Tour program is a highly exclusive club for speakers, and the program has appeared on multiple publications, including ABC, NBC, and Fox News.

Dr. Cheryl Wood is an Empowerment Speaker, TEDx Speaker of international repute, 13-time best-selling author, and America’s #1 Developer of Transformational Women Speakers. She has also trained numerous women leaders across the United States, South Africa, India, France, United Kingdom, Canada and the Bahamas. Dr. Cheryl Wood is an absolute powerhouse and a beast of a motivational speaker and leadership coach. As a special guest speaker on the Leadership Experience Tour (the number 1 speaking platform for aspiring speakers), she will be headlining the next edition of the tour, which will be live-streamed in Shawn’s TV channel as well as on platforms such as Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Onstage Plus, Chromecast, and Roku. 

Dr. Cheryl has been recognized globally for her works, and to date, she has been featured on media platforms of international repute such as ESSENCE, Huffington Post, ABC, Forbes Magazine, Radio One, The Washington Informer, among others. She has also delivered keynote presentations for several organizations including NASA, Capital One, Verizon, The United Nations, and the FBI.

According to Dr. Cheryl, since 2011, her company has created opportunities for nearly 5,000 women to share their stories on stages domestically and internationally and in writing through their exclusive book anthology projects. Dr. Cheryl believes her genuine connection with her clients and desire to equip them to excel beyond her success distinguishes her brand from others in the industry. 

On her motivation, she said, “In 2009 as a mother of three toddlers, I had a burning desire to create a life that I was in love with, which meant building a brand that would allow me to be in full control of the allocation of my time. I also wanted to be the model of a woman who was pursuing her POSSIBILITIES while fulfilling her RESPONSIBILITIES as a wife and mom. I wanted to create this successful brand to show women from any background that it’s possible and that as a woman, you never have to be defined by your past or your circumstances.”

Years from now, Dr. Cheryl sees herself being a household name in the realm of motivational speaking for women. She sees her work touching millions of women’s lives to help them raise the bar on their expectations about their ability to create legacy and wealth. In her words, “I see myself elevating my work of women’s empowerment in countries and continents that I haven’t yet reached and equipping women with the tools to confidently and courageously share their stories and build economic independence through entrepreneurship.”

Dr. Cheryl Wood is committed to inspiring people who need to be inspired. She wants to challenge them to make a move, take that leap of faith, and realize that by just sitting and doing nothing, they deny the world of something unique. Visit her website for more information. 

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