Truuvi Founder Anthony Plenzo Talks About Following a Different Path to Success

Truuvi Founder Anthony Plenzo Talks About Following a Different Path to Success

Anthony Plenzo, one of this generation’s most successful entrepreneurs, is on a path to greater heights. His passion for making a difference and his deep-seated belief that one can still obtain financial freedom even without following the traditional path of earning a degree and landing a nine-to-five job pushed him to carve his own path to success.

Countless factors can serve as the motivating force behind a person’s drive to establish their name. Some are after the renown that comes hand in hand with dominating a particular industry, while others are motivated to take center stage in order to impact lives and communities. Widely-acclaimed for putting people at the core of his initiatives, Anthony Plenzo is an investor and app developer that stands at the helm of Fivestar and Truuvi.

Developed in 2018, Truuvi is a mobile social networking application designed for convenience and high engagement. Easy to use and boasting features that have made it a go-to app for those aiming to nurture and maintain relationships, it is considered one of the ideal platforms for connecting with old friends and family and locating events and getting updates.

Truuvi’s founder, Anthony Plenzo, is a Colts Neck, New Jersey native who attended Ramapo College, a school specializing in offering liberal arts education. Unlike the moguls of old days, he only attended for a year, and this decision to pursue a world beyond the four walls of the classroom rests on the recognition that his real passion is in business and entrepreneurship. Without a second thought, he decided to put a stop to his college education and went on to chase his dreams. 

Anthony Plenzo first made waves in the sports consulting arena. His work in this area led to his first company’s development, and unbeknownst to him, his brainchild would reach heights that he never imagined it could achieve. “My first company became one of the most successful brands in the country,” shares the inspirational icon, delving into how the extent to which his venture made waves was a result of his sheer hard work and dedication. “I achieved all of that without any financial help from anyone.”

From the profits generated by his first business, Anthony Plenzo dipped his toes into the world of app development. Armed with the vision of revolutionizing how people bridge the gap amongst themselves and connect through the use of mobile phones, he managed to secure at the top amidst the plethora of competitors. Thanks to his innovative social networking app, the self-starter was able to deliver his promise of allowing people to stay connected. 

In the coming years, Anthony Plenzo is expected to remain a household name, spearheading his company’s rise and the launch of more purpose-driven endeavors. As he continues to leave an impact in his industry, he aims to serve as a beacon of hope for aspirants who followed a different path toward success.

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