Innovative power outlet extender on Indiegogo to make access to power easier than ever

Slide Socket is a one-of-a-kind power outlet extender that will allow easy access to hard-to-reach power outlets on walls for a seamless power supply.

No more stretch or struggle for power due to inconveniently placed power outlets at home or office. Atlanta-based Slide Socket has recently launched an innovative power outlet extender on Indiegogo which can extend existing power outlets up to 32” in any direction for creating easy access to power. Titled “Slide Socket”, the outlet extender can be plugged into any wall power outlet which is otherwise hidden, inconveniently located, or tough to access.

The campaign is geared to raise around $500.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Slide Socket is a unique outlet extender that puts the electrical power exactly where it’s needed. All one would have to do here, is simply plug the slide socket into a wall outlet. Then, thanks to its innovative 360-degree rotation technology, the user can place the slide socket at any angle for easy outlet access – all the while enjoying continuous power access for his devices. The Slide Socket has two 120V outlets and two USB 3.0 ports.

“Slide Socket is here to redefine the way we use power and for better. Gone are the days when you had to stretch and struggle for power due to inconveniently located power outlets at home or office. With Slide Socket, you can now transform your space into a highly efficient powerhouse in a flash. This innovative outlet extender can extend up to 32” which is more than sufficient to conveniently plug in all your electrical appliances, gadgets, devices, and phones. Moreover, the extender is backed by state-of-the-art 360-degree technology which enables one to rotate the Slide Socket in any direction, as per his specific power needs. And despite all the rotating or expansion, it will go on supplying continuous power”, stated a leading spokesperson from the Slide Socket team.

The Slide Socket is extendable up to a good 12 inches as well as retractable so that one can hide the cords (yet keeping them within reach). It’s easy to reach from above or from under just about anywhere in your house.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, Slide Socket comes with a reusable wall-safe adhesive that will keep it firmly held in place on the wall. There are prongs at the bottom to ensure a snug fit with the wall.

Another interesting aspect of the Slide Socket is surely its Magic Stand which helps the outlet extender to stay discreet. A user would just need to lock the Magic Stand around the neck of the Slide Socket, remove the adhesive film, plug in the Slide Socket into the power outlet and then simply press the Magic Stand against the wall – just where he needs it. And the Slide Socket will disappear in seconds!

“Slide Socket is just ‘the’ thing you have been looking for to resolve easy access to power needs in your home or office. The good thing is Slide Socket is easily portable and hence you can always carry it along while traveling. From your dorm to your camp tents to your den at home to your office chamber – you can use Slide Socket anywhere. The product is safe and highly durable and all its sub-components are UL-listed and independently-certified components. Besides, Slide Socket comes in a sleek minimalist design and would make a beautiful addition to your home or office. At present, we are looking forward to starting mass production and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Slide Socket to life and make access to power easier for all of us.”

Backers will be rewarded with Indiegogo special discounts on Slide Socket units. To show your support for the campaign, please visit their Indiegogo campaign here

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