Painted Legacy CEO James Naleski Pursues an MBA Degree

This degree inspires a positive change in him as a leader and artist.

Producer and artist James Naleski reaches the next significant milestone in his career by earning a master’s degree in business administration. Naleski has a deep passion for art and publication design and has worked on television graphics, graphic direction, and music production. Naleski completed a BFA in graphic design from the Paier College of Art. After gaining success in his field, he decided to return to school to pursue an MBA degree.

According to Naleski, when first assessing an MBA’s cost, it may not appear to be the wisest decision. However, management careers have become very relevant as strong, sustainable longterm careers. Earning an MBA will help Naleski achieve his goal of becoming a more effective leader.

“Initially, I struggled with time-management. Outside of taking multiple accelerated courses, I oversee three-to-five project releases at a time for my company and work full-time in a creative position for Apple, Inc. However, I quickly learned, no one is concerned with your outside obligations. You have to make it work,” said Naleski.

He cut out distractions and devoted his time and energy to all projects. The co-founder and CEO of the global publishing empire Painted Legacy Productions believes that anyone who wants something badly enough will make and find the time to do what is most important.

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About James Naleski

James Naleski is the co-founder and CEO of Painted Legacy Productions, a creative production company specializing in music publishing, distribution, and licensing.

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