Onyx BOOX Release 7.8inch Nova3 Color with Newest Kaleido Plus Screen

Onyx BOOX Release 7.8inch Nova3 Color with Newest Kaleido Plus Screen

Onyx BOOX recently released its first color E Ink tablet with writing capability: BOOX Nova3 Color.

Nova3 Color is a 7.8inch colorful eReader using a new E Ink Kaleido™ screen, Kaleido Plus. As the latest 3rd generation of Kaleido using Color Filter Array technology, the new Kaleido can perform 3 times better colors. Compared to Kaleido, Kaleido Plus reduces color shift, enhances color saturation, and increases the viewing angle by 60 degrees, so users can get a better viewing experience.

Moreover, backed by BOOX color algorithm and customizable Display Control mode, Nova3 Color gets a better color brightness and saturation. It can display 4,096 different soft colors in total. Its flush-screen design improves comfort and convenience and offers obstacle-free writing and drawing experiences for users.

With the improved colors, control system and flush screen combined with advanced hardware and software, Nova3 Color is a versatile color E Ink reader, portable tablet, and writing pad.

Users can write and draw on Nova3 Color with 16 different colors, use various shapes, lines and brushes to create unique patterns, and rotate the screen to create a customizable, horizontal canvas.

Nova3 Color also gives users a colorful, eye-friendly reading experience. Compared to

LED/LCD devices, Nova3 Color can display colors and save power. It has a longer battery life, looks more like color paper, is viewable in the sunlight, and causes less eye strain because it doesn’t emit light or blue light.

Users can take Nova3 outside to read ebooks and comics in the sunlight and highlight content with different brushes and colors. Also, the 3150mAh large battery and power-efficient screen can support days of use.

Nova3 Color is equipped with loads of reading and writing tools and a flexible Android 10 system. It’s a great productivity device. In addition to working, Nova3 Color makes stories and knowledge more attractive for children.

With all kinds of storytelling applications and kids’ videos appearing on the color E Ink screen, kids can learn things more joyfully without hurting their eyes. Parents and children can enjoy a great time together by reading and watching stories together.

Nova3 Color is a versatile device also thanks to the latest BOOX V3.1 firmware. With the V3.1 firmware, Nova3 Color becomes more customizable and intuitive. Users can record the screen for up to 2 hours, share files and notes via email directly, read ePubs in their original formats, edit notes on the web and do more.

BOOX Nova3 Color with the latest firmware, Android 10, advanced octa-core CPU, adjustable front lights, and other industry-leading hardware is the most powerful 7.8inch color E Ink tablet supporting Wacom stylus. People can read colorful content with it, take colorful notes on it, and take it anywhere to read in the sunlight and at night without much eye strain. Everything becomes more attractive and delightful.

Onyx BOOX Nova3 Color, the 7.8inch color E Ink tablet, is available at the official BOOX shop with a full set of free accessories.

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