American Minority Media Network Releases New Documentary About The Real Life Struggles Of Podcast Enthusiast, Marcus Hart

Black-owned Media Company Lends Hope for Minorities, With the Launch of Documentary about the Tumultuous Life of Marcus Hart Titled – ‘Journey To Be A Black Podcast Mogul.’

Transform U! Media Corp. has reiterated its commitment to igniting and inspiring greatness in people across the world, with the new release of an inspiring documentary focused on the life of a minority—Marcus Hart.

The story follows a real-life character who battles internal crises while passionately pursuing a career that’ll test his patience and bring his race to light in real-life America. Marcus Hart hopes to tell every minority, with the new documentary, that the light at the end of the Tunnel overwhelms the preceding darkness despite environmental, social, and most especially, internal constraints.

Sadhguru, a prominent figure closely followed by Marcus Hart, encompassed the basis of Transform U in a recent tweet, “Whether it is happiness or unhappiness, pain or pleasure, agony or ecstasy, essentially it happens from within.”

Transform U understands the psychology of the human mind and the numerous potentials it has locked within it. The Media Network, hence, seeks to use storytelling to wake the minds of viewers, and plant seeds of positivity within.

‘Journey To Be A Black Podcast Mogul’ is just one of the many stories Transform U! Media Corp wants to air. The Media Network has opened its doors wide to accommodate inspiring and spiritual stories to further help energy-drained people out of the pit of frailty.

Launched in September 2019, Transform U has grown to include a streaming platform for documentaries and premium interviews that promotes personal development and spirituality. While viewers benefit from the life lessons of experienced veterans, the veterans also derive satisfaction from comforting thousands spiritually.

‘Journey To Be A Black Podcast Mogul’ is raking in positive reviews, thereby pulling in more Marketers and Authors who desire to share and redefine more motivating stories with the world.

For more information about Transform U! Media Corp. And Marcus Hart, kindly visit Transform U! Also has a strong social media presence and can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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