Ruixue introduces the current situation of manufacturing industry in detail

The current situation of manicure consumers: At present, the consumers who have demand for manicures are roughly divided into two categories, the first is young women aged 18-26 years old.This type of consumers are more sensitive to the price of manicure services due to the influence of economic power, followed by the environment and service quality of manicure shops. So they are more inclined to spend in middle-and low-end manicure shops. The other kind of consumer group belongs to mature women over 28 years old, whose consumption characteristics will pay more attention to brand effect, pay attention to the consumption environment and service experience of manicure shops, and regard manicure as a kind of enjoy service. For different consumers, the business direction of nail salons is also different, so operators should first find the positioning of nail shops.

There is a big shortage of high-end manicurists. The entry threshold of domestic manicurists is relatively low, the vast majority of people only through simple training to open a shop for business. The quality of employees is uneven, high-end manicurists show a large talent gap. An industry insider said that the lack of professionals has directly led to frequent problems in the industry, and the market is bound to give birth to more and more high-end manicurists in the future. When people want to wholesale nail polish suppliers, please choose

The current business status of nail shops:

In the current nail market, 15-40 square meters of small and medium-sized nail shops probably account for about 80% of the total, many individual small nail shops rely on a manicure table, two sofas, and then mixed with a variety of services to start business. However, as consumers have higher and higher requirements for manicures, they not only pay attention to manicure environment, but also pay more attention to manicure safety, health and professional technology, so consumers are now more inclined to spend in large-scale and professional manicure shops.

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