Meet Robert Hisee – U.K.’s number one unconscious mind therapist shares his gastric band therapy

Robert Hisee the UK’s No.1 Unconscious Mind Therapist said “When I first met Debbie Davis she looked really depressed, she had a very low tone of voice, she was timid and she was extremely overweight. 

“Throughout the session I could see how much she really focused and listened to what I was saying. I explained to Debbie that everything gets made twice, initially as a thought and only secondly could it then materialise into reality. First you must create the image of how you want to look inside your mind and only then will the brain direct you to it. Exactly like a satellite navigation system – if you do not input a postcode or address, the satnav will not take you anywhere! You must have a destination for it to work. I went on to show Debbie examples of how this works in day to day life, if one of her friends or family members were driving their car and they were not using a satnav, you know they are driving on roads that they already know, but when they would like to get to a new unknown destination they would need to program the satnav with a postcode, just like the mind needs to visualise the destination every day.

“For the last hour of the session I entered Debbie into an hypnotic state where she had the (hypnotic) gastric band surgery. When she woke up she said ‘Wow! That was amazing, I can still feel something pushing down on my stomach, it is really weird but also amazing experience.’

“Following her session Debbie and I have stayed in touch along her journey. She has sent me photos and updates to let me know how she was getting on. She has put into practise everything I have taught her which included not eating anything more than a fist full of food at each meal time. 

“She said that she had found herself leaving half her dinner which was so strange for her as she didn’t even want it because she felt bloated. She is now 100lbs lighter which is just over seven stone and she still has a target of another Five stone to lose. Which is unreal, I’m very proud of the what she has achieved.”

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