Top Real Estate Agents in Santa Rosa, California: The Market Is Now Changing More Than Ever Before

The virus and worldwide pandemic has made fundamental changes to many, and one area in particular is how people are able to work from home.

The virus has made many stay home, whether quarantined or out of necessity, and are learning work can be done as easily in person as at home.

For the real estate industry and Realtors in Santa Rosa, CA, they have seen more people taking much more time in determining what is and what is not important when looking for new homes.

Adam Menconi is a real estate listing agent serving Santa Rosa. He has seen people come into his agency looking for things that some had not spent as much time taking into consideration as in times past.

“The number of people working from home means people are taking more time to review properties and look for what I call the ‘soft elements.’ Things like what is and what is not absolute. They are looking more at what is important vs. what looks pretty on paper. For families, they are looking to expand because of the kids being at home and doing school work,” said Menconi.

The Realtors in Santa Rosa, CA have stepped up their game considerably to meet these demands, spending more time looking at properties, options and meeting the specific needs of their client base.

“More people are coming in and an exact idea of what is and is not a deal breaker. I always remind people there is no perfect home, so some concessions need to be considered. Most of the clients understand this, but a few are hesitant. Eventually, they come around and recognize what I meant,” continued Menconi.

Menconi has a website with available properties in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas with amenities many are looking for. Go to for additional information.

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