How To Make It As A Stylist From The Best Hair Stylist in Manhattan

The saying goes “if you can make it [in New York] you can make it anywhere.” Regardless of a person’s field of choice, that quote rings true. For Orchard & Ludlow barber stylist, Sara Grace Judge she did not realize how hard it would be to enter the haircare space in the city, until she arrived there.

“I started doing hair in Wisconsin and thought that was hard and then I got to New York and I was like, ‘okay, this is very different, the hair culture is very different here,’” she shares. “No matter where else you are in the country, when you get to New York you have to start at the bottom, build yourself up and make a name for yourself.

As now one of the best hair stylists in NYC, Judge has learned valuable lessons and has compiled a few tips that should help anyone achieve their dream of dominating the grooming industry in the city.

  • Be open to learning. People don’t know what they don’t know until they learn exactly what it is they don’t know. Complicated? Yes, but it is true. Things are changing frequently, so be open to learning constantly. “This is an ever changing industry,” Judge says. “Style never stays the same, fashion changes every decade and changes multiple times within that decade. You have to humble yourself a little bit and realize you won’t be the best at everything.”
  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. This is the golden rule to life and is especially applicable when pursuing a dream in the Big Apple. Judge explains that “barbering in New York City is different from anywhere else because you don’t know what will walk in through the door.” To give the best women’s haircuts in Manhattan like Judge, people will have to familiarize themselves with hair textures they’re not accustomed to and they’ll have to grow thick skin, if they don’t have any, to survive in the city. This will all push them to be a better stylist and overall a better person.
  • Networking is key. Although Covid-19 makes networking a little bit more difficult with human interaction being limited, it is the best way to move a person’s career forward, it is how Judge ended up working at this women’s barbershop in Manhattan. “If you want to be the best you have to start making people think you are the best,” Judge says. Individuals can accomplish this by putting themselves out there and marketing themselves. This will go hand and hand with the two aforementioned tips and can apply to any field you have an interest in.

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