What is Header Bidding in programmatic advertising

What is Header Bidding: The process of header bidding is a technique that creates a virtual auction for the ads that you have on your website. Everything related to header biding happens within seconds as the page loads. The software will go out and collect bids from a number of bidders in order to be able to find the highest bidder possible for your ads.

The moment the winning ad is served is the moment when you are going to be paid. The header bidding strategy has been a true game-changer that allows publishers to be able to work with a larger number of advertisers in a way that is fully automated. This has proven to be essential to ensure that those who implement header bidding get optimal results. 

The beauty of header bidding is that instead of working with one bidder, you could be working with a large number of bidders. This translates to more revenue rates for your ad inventory and that alone makes it an outstanding strategy to consider. 

The main idea with header bidding is to improve your website monetization by using a virtual auction system. Ultimately, the goal of any website is to generate revenue for the business and header bidding is an outstanding enhancement that makes this process easier. 

Why should publishers go for header bidding? 

Greater yield is the best way to answer that question because publishers are able to sell inventory per impression and they also have more control over which sources can be involved in the bids. This process also allows more advertisers to bid and there is an increase in ad quality and revenue. 

On the SEO side of things, header bidding lowers the time needed to sell impressions and this means that loading times are much faster. 

Benefits for advertisers 

The advertisers also benefit from header bidding as they will have full access to the publisher’s inventory. This is going to include any premium inventory that would usually be unavailable without direct deals. There is also an equal amount of access to the inventory and there is more transparency by having insight on publisher’s data that comes straight from the source. 

Using a reliable header bidding platform 

One of the best header bidding platforms is Lupon media and they are a member of prebid.org. Their services have proven to be outstanding and this makes them a great platform to use in order to get started with header bidding for your website. 

The most reliable aspect of this platform is the ease of use and the intuitive interface that makes the process of incorporating header bidding in your website much easier. 

Final thoughts 

There is nothing more important than to evolve and to find the best strategies to increase revenue. The use of header bidding is a revolutionary and highly efficient method that is being implemented by many website owners. 

If you want more information on how you can make this process much easier, you can click the link below for details: luponmedia.com 

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