New Poetry Book, Soul’s Journey, by Sam Yau Offers Release, Relief and a Reason for Joy During Troubling Times

New Poetry Book, Soul’s Journey, by Sam Yau Offers Release, Relief and a Reason for Joy During Troubling Times

“The soul’s journey is one that discovers the true nature of the Divine, and each soul is love itself. Peeling off all layers of reality, only awareness and love remain.” ~ Sam Yau

People who are trying to make sense of troubling times will be taken on a journey to realize and cherish what truly matters when they read “Soul’s Journey,” a new collection of poems written by Sam Yau. A father grieving the loss of his son to suicide, Mr. Yau transcribes his journey of healing through poetry.

“Soul’s Journey” has achieved #1 Amazon Best-Seller status in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and France; and ranks Best Seller in 41 categories, #1 in 10 of those categories. Called inspiring, comforting, and penetratingly honest, the poems in this book deal with spirit, nature, the human condition, and the infinite search for truth and beauty in life. It is illustrated by Olena Zavakevych.

“For more than 20 years, I had been on a journey of personal and spiritual growth,” says Mr. Yau. “With Ryan’s death, I began to reframe my soul-searching questions: What if I live as a soul in human clothes, rather than as a human who has a soul? This was the inspiration for my writing. My poems have healed and transformed me; by sharing them, I hope they will heal and inspire others.”

Each poem offers a personal-growth lesson wrapped in the beauty and cadence of words: “Shape your inner world with qualities that bring you delight, / Live inside out, the outside world will coalesce into your design. / Do not let anyone tell you to live someone else’s life.”  The author is transparent about his pain and grief yet invites his readers to “see the gem through the grime” and to “look for beauty, love’s / favorite place to indwell.”

The origins of “Soul’s Journey” are rooted in the colorful life of Mr. Yau — from a 6-month-old baby on a refugee boat, to a penniless student landing in America from a distant land to CEO of a billion-dollar corporation, to chair of a pioneering center for personal growth, to a father who has lost his son to suicide. Now Mr. Yau writes about the soul’s journey, life’s vicissitudes, trauma and healing, consciousness, science and spirituality, and mysticism. “Soul’s Journey” is Mr. Yau’s debut book of poetry.

Sam Yau has looked inside himself to find his soul’s journey and lifts his readers into their own exploration. “Soul’s Journey” has important messages for any parent who has lost a child, for people who seek guidance in exploring their life’s questions, or for “lightworkers” to inspire the work they do.

“Soul’s Journey” is available on Amazon. Illustrations by Olena Zavakevych.

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