Real estate company Carpe aims to revolutionize the apartment rental experience

PropTech startup Carpe is pushing to revolutionize how people find and rent their homes by utilizing an immersive ecosystem of technology-fueled solutions to radically simplify the leasing experience for tenants and landlords across the world. 

“Recent societal changes, specifically the outbreak of a global pandemic, have shifted the way we live by necessitating a culture of remote interaction. The thing is, the way we transact real estate has yet to evolve and meet these demands. Aside from innovations in the Short-Term Rental/Travel industry, renting has essentially remained the same for decades. Transactions are still widely made offline and are often fraught with frustration due to antiquated local customs, the need for hefty cash deposits, confusing lease contracting & lengthy transaction times. Extended Stay & Traditional Rental verticals have widely been overlooked in terms of innovation, and at Carpe, we believe that there is a massive opportunity for creating efficiencies through adaption of technology to the rental process,” a representative of the company said in a statement. 

In response to demands placed on the rental industry, Mexico-based Carpe said it has simplified the rental experience by natively connecting landlords and renters on its platform, which provides an entirely digital leasing experience from tour to application, lease signing, move-in, and beyond.

“To accomplish this, we provide interactive marketing media & a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee from the time of move-in to inspire confidence in our online rental experience. In addition, we facilitate digital execution of all paperwork and payments, and for approved applicants, we step in to act as a guarantor & offer security deposit bonds to replace an otherwise cash deposit. After move-in, we continue to provide support through our Digital Concierge service, staying accessible to the renter 24/7 to aide in anything from maintenance requests to dinner reservations,” the representative added.

Carpe said the platform caters to landlords of extended stay rentals, traditional urban renters, and digital nomads. It provides a hassle-free and cost-saving ecosystem compared to competitors such as Airbnb & traditional platforms operated by real estate agents.

Compared to other online rental marketplaces in Mexico like Inmolibiria24 &, Carpe said it has a first-mover advantage throughout Latin America and many other nomadic markets as few platforms have adapted to accommodate the needs of today’s extended stay travelers & traditional urban renters. 

“We have seen some interesting developments coming out of the LatAm Short-Term Rental space, such as with the rise of Casai & Selina, but have yet to see any real, notable innovation in the extended-stay & traditional rental space,” the representative said.

Carpe said that while others have balked at taking on the challenges of this space, this is where their team’s founder/market fit shines — by bringing a wealth of relevant, passionate industry-specific experience in Residential PropTech & Big Data verticals, Joseph Merullo & Jorge Andrade are uniquely qualified & excited to lead the revolution in renting across the emerging LatAm market.

Carpe said it plans to launch its pilot in Mexico City, one of the densest cities in the world with an estimated 21.5 million residents, and a growing digital nomad population in the second half of 2021, and quickly scale to secondary markets throughout LatAm in 2022. 

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