A heritage of 3 generations, Comelli Commercial is the most trusted real estate agency in Wollongong, Australia

Specializing in commercial real estate, Comelli Commercial provides complete solutions to clients looking to buy and sell commercial properties. Comelli Commercial takes pride in providing transparency, honesty, integrity and insight to the clients. Built on years of experience, the company is well-aware of all aspects of buying, selling and managing properties.

Wollongong, NSW, Australia – People are moving out of large towns and cities like Melbourne and Sydney to settle in rural areas of Australia. Rural areas provide fresh air, peace and a comfortable living environment contrary to the hectic lifestyle of bustling cities. To manage such needs of people, who are looking to buy or sell properties, be it in rural or urban areas, Comelli Commercial extends its expertise in market knowledge and property management to help people cope with varying lifestyles of property buying and selling.

Established in 1967, Comelli Commercial is a heritage of Christina Comelli’s grandfather. He started this business for his sons in law so that they can work in a reputable line of work. Since its inception, the business has helped thousands of locals to achieve financial independence. The business was then transferred over to Christina, who then rebranded it as Comelli Commercial to stay abreast of the contemporary world. Cristina is a Principal, Licensed business and real estate broker, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of Wollongong. She delivers the highest level of personal service and absolute diligence in client-relations.

Helping people in purchasing businesses all across the city of Wollongong and nearby regions, Comelli Commercial works closely and professionally to deal with all the clients. The company makes sure that the process goes hassle-free and the clients are dealt with true professionalism and courtesy. With strong market knowledge, the brokers at Comelli Commercial stay updated with the latest trends of the business world to provide the most accurate knowledge to the clients.

Comelli Commercial makes selling a business a breeze. All the paperwork is handled by the expert teams so that the clients don’t face any kind of burden at all. The company has mediated in selling thousands of businesses to date and continues to provide the same level of satisfaction as it was years ago. Selling a business means perfect presentation to the buyers, and Comelli Commercial helps such sellers create the best pitches to gain as many potential buyers as possible, eventually selling the business to the one most interested.

As a company with years of experience, clients are provided with the best services. One of the clients of Comelli Commercial says “Thank you Melinda for the great work you and your team do in managing our commercial property. You take all the stress out of managing our affairs and your follow up is spot on.” No matter the size of the commercial property, small or large, Comelli Commercial handles all the aspects of property buying and selling most efficiently.

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