Authors’ Tranquility Press Releases My Guards and My Angels: Write the Vision and Make It Plain by Lavora McCool

“I was present when houses were raided, and I watched everybody around me go to jail.” Lavora McCool shares her journey as she finds her way to realizing her dream – to live a life with a purpose – which, to many, may not be easy to come by; and not without a share, sometimes unfair, of fear, anxiety, pain, depression, and emotional distress.

She grew up with the yoke of childhood responsibilities and, later, went through a great deal of confusion finding herself. As she struggled to help sustain the needs of the family, working two jobs, she got caught up in the wrong crowd. She found herself living with people who were themselves victims of dysfunctional households and saw the gangster’s life to be the only way there is. Little by little she embraced the gang-life mentality and believed in the principles of the street codes. No sooner did it become clear – she was lost.

She, who once was lost, is now found! With the help of her Guards and Angels and a ton of unpleasant experiences, she decides not to put her life on hold any longer. She rediscovers her worth and finds the strength to let go and trust God who works in mysterious ways.

About the Author

LAVORA McCOOL was born in Chicago and raised in Joliet, Illinois until she moved away to further her career choices in her late twenties. Her career includes being both a nurse and an author. She has dreams of becoming the first nurse practitioner in the family.

Her main objective in writing this book is to fulfill her purpose in life and to be able to use her platform to minister to the youth. Readers should be interested in her unique voice as she makes sacrifices in order to be able to make an intimate connection in which readers would be able to feel the dialogue emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

The book aims to take the reader on an emotional rollercoaster, just as many people go through in real life; and to inform and uplift communities with a story that plants seeds of healing, inspiration, and encouragement in the wake of many traumatic events. While some people consider suicide to be a solution to end suffering and depression, the Author finds another way out where it is not even an option and shares how she becomes victorious. She hopes to become a leader for many generations to come.

My Guards and My Angels is currently available on Amazon for readers worldwide.

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