Speedy’s Transmission Shop, a Transmission Repair Shop In Richmond, VA Offers Vintage and Modern Vehicles Transmission Services

Speedy's Transmission Shop, a Transmission Repair Shop In Richmond, VA Offers Vintage and Modern Vehicles Transmission Services

Richmond, VA – Experiencing trouble in changing gears, slipping of transmission, noise from the transmission, or worse, the vehicle might fail to run, which indicates a faulty transmission. While in the Richmond area, it is highly recommended to take the transmission for maintenance and services to a professional.  

Speedy’s Transmission Shop is the perfect choice when choosing a transmission mechanic. 

The transmission mechanic, family-owned and operated, has a wide experience in the automobile industry. Introduced and trained in the business of vintage car racing and restoration by their father since childhood, the band of brothers has grown to be one of the leading automobile repair shops.

Speedy’s Transmission Shop has been licensed and insured by the relevant authorities, including its experience, offers clients assurance and trust in service delivery. The transmission expert has also been featured in NBC News 12, Google News, 2 News, Digital Journal, and Fox 28. With these in mind, car owners are assured that their cars are in the right hands.

Motor enthusiasts are ensured that the transmission specialists work on vintage and modern vehicles in every style and model, ranging from European and Asian to locals. Speedy’s Transmission Shop’s experts are knowledgeable in electric cars. Besides being committed to offering quality transmission services, the transmission has a strong ethic and passion for their field; therefore, providing clients with unmatched customer service.

The company’s representative, while describing its services, noted, “We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our dedication, and most definitely on our attention to detail. Whether you are looking for minor repairs, massive restoration, or something in between, we can take care of it.”

Tune-up services are highly recommended every two years or after 30,000 miles’ distance. Speedy’s Transmission tune-up services involve checking transmission gaskets and replacing them when necessary, replacing transmission filters, changing the transmission fluid, and draining out any small pieces of metal.

Over 40 years of combined experience puts the Richmond’s transmission shop in a better position to offer transmission repair in Richmond, VA, a cheaper option involving the replacement of the broken part. The transmission experts also conduct transmission rebuild; the entire transmission is disassembled and inspected piece by piece, and replacing any worn-out parts. When pulling heavy trailers or loading excess weight, it is appropriate to upgrade the transmission with extra durable heavy parts. Speedy’s transmission’s upgrades increase transmission’s lifespan, add more gears or increase engine speed on standard transmissions, improve the gas mileage of automatic transmissions, and be convenient for towing and hauling heavy loads and removes shuddering at high speeds.

Clients rest assured that the technicians offer free diagnosis and estimate on repair costs, as well as free towing from the highway or home. Besides delivering transmission services, the shop also provides oil change, air conditioning, engine repair, timing belts and chains, brakes tune-up, suspension work, lighting, and electrical.

Cars tend to break up when least expected; thus, not included in one’s budget. With this in mind, the transmission shop has several financing options available to its clients. The financing options come with affordable monthly payments and rates.

Speedy’s Transmission Shop is located at 6401 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23225, US. For inquiries, contact their technicians via phone at (804) 999-1845. Check out the transmission service company’s website for additional information.

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