A New Branding Solution Helps Get Authors and Publishers Noticed

A New Branding Solution Helps Get Authors and Publishers Noticed
How a creative agency uses its services to help authors and publishers become visible to the public while establishing a long-term relationship between the authors and readers.

Having worked with authors such as Marie Kondo a New York Times Bestseller, Punch has seen first-hand the effects of good branding for authors and publishers. Punch is a full-service creative agency that was founded by an ex-Google team. Their team of branding specialists and digital marketers are collaborating in a new effort to help authors and publishers extend their online presence and ultimately gain a following in the process.

Punch recognized changes in the marketplace as authors today are forced to focus on branding along with their writing in order to remain competitive and noticed. The branding process starts with a designer from Punch working alongside an author or a publisher to uncover their goals and priorities in order to incorporate those points into the brand. This ultimately allows the owners of these brands to use their brand as a guideline throughout their career to remain constant and on the right path, while coming across as authentic to their audience. 

Being an author today is not what it used to be. Today, agents want to represent brands rather than authors and publishers want to sign those brands. Punch helps authors establish their branding throughout their website, social media profiles, and other digital publications they put out to help generate an interested audience that connects with them and their brand. 

According to the Punch team, there are many benefits for an author or publisher to have another team of specialists focus on their branding for them. Those benefits included:

1. A brand gives the reader the ability to connect with authors on a deeper level as the brand acts as a bridge between authors and their audiences

2. Authors can easily find an agent to represent them as agents typically want to deal with authors that have shown some investment into their own online presence

3. If time is spent developing an online brand and effective promotion is implemented, eventually readers will find the authors work

4. Authentic branding can keep authors aligned with their goals and act as a guideline if they ever lose focus throughout their careers

5. Influencer marketing is much easier when they have a brand they can review and share with their own following. Authors can quickly build brand awareness and trust

6. Brands enable authors to create deeper connections with their readers and ultimately extend the longevity of their careers

The Punch CEO and Founder had the following to say when asked about what inspired him to create this specialized service, ”I believe having that good design is good for business, especially when it comes to branding. By creating a service like this for authors and publishers, it empowers them to spend more of their time creating better stories while leaving the technical side of the branding and marketing to our experienced team of designers and digital marketers. This way authors can perfect their craft while we help them get the recognition they deserve for it online.”

About Punch:

Punch is a full-service digital agency founded by ex-Google engineers. They are a team of designers, engineers, and marketers on a mission to build the best digital experiences. Established in 2014, the company now has offices located in San Francisco, New York, and Lahore, Pakistan.

To get in touch with Punch’s team: www.punch.cool

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