Better *%!#ing Golf Gains Popularity in 2021, as it Continues to Help Golfers Improve Without Expensive Lessons

Paul Nardozzi, author and self-taught expert golfer, credits his willingness to experiment with new techniques as the basis of his rise from hacker to club champion. Instead of mimicking professional golfers, Nardozzi emphasizes that becoming competitive involves addressing a broad range of external factors, not all of which are readily apparent to the average player.

Nardozzi’s comprehensive guide continues to gain momentum with ordinary players seeking to improve their performance on the green. Better *%!#ing Golf: How I went from hacker to club champ without changing my swing or expensive lessons highlights the importance of consistency and eliminating extraneous variables that make it more difficult to have a reliable, reproducible swing.

In Better *%!#ing Golf, Nardozzi cuts through the fluff to deliver a practical roadmap to success for golfers of any skill level. He addresses key topics like reducing anxiety, increasing confidence, and how to choose the right individual technique. This book is designed to unpack common mistakes and lead the way to an improved game using simple, easy language.

Fans of Better *%!#ing Golf describe it as a “fun read with some great advice on key fundamentals” that has a “big impact” with only minor adjustments to playing style. Nardozzi’s accessible methodology and insistence that anyone can improve their game without needing expensive lessons has resonated with thousands of readers from all over the world.

Readers may also benefit from the Tour Balance swing aid, a portable training device for beginners to check posture, stability, slice, and swing plane. As a former professional athlete, Nardozzi has an intimate understanding of how narrow the margin can be on the way to reaching the pinnacle of your game.

Better *%!#ing Golf: How I went from hacker to club champ without changing my swing or expensive lessons and its companion swing aid are available for purchase on

Paul Nardozzi is a former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. After a shoulder injury ended his professional baseball career, he turned to golf and began searching for ways to improve transparency in the golf teaching industry. He can be found online at

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