Golden Choice Investments Will Buy Homes Cash in Dallas, TX

Golden Choice Investments Will Buy Homes Cash in Dallas, TX

For most Americans, the sale of a home is a rare event that brings disruption and stress even in the best of circumstances. And, if those circumstances include financial distress, property disrepair, or other complications, the anxiety level rises. Fortunately for motivated sellers, there is a reputable local company that purchases houses for cash.

A Typical House Sale

A typical broker will assume the seller has an infinite amount of time and patience and can wait indefinitely for just the right buyer. The broker will not linger on the fact that the seller often pays the industry-standard 6% commission, plus another 2% or so in settlement costs. The homeowner should expect to keep the house ship-shape for showings and open houses. Showings may or may not be scheduled well in advance. Open houses and showings mean complete strangers are in the house.

There is no guarantee that a buyer will ever appear, and weeks or months could pass without a bite. Even if a buyer materializes, it is uncertain whether the transaction will close. There are many reasons real estate deals collapse but, typically, property inspections or financing will be to blame. Learn more about the prompt, reliable alternative at

A standard real estate contract is written such that the buyer may kill the deal if an inspection reveals something or if their lender, for any reason, cannot provide the desired financing. The contract then usually allows the buyer to walk away weeks after it was signed. The seller twists in the wind until the closing actually occurs. The broker is unlikely to dwell on the fact that the closing date in the contract is simply a good guess, and that the lender does not care about that date unless it is to their advantage.

Does this sound like an attractive, low-stress scenario? Fortunately for motivated sellers, there is a reputable Local we buy houses company in the DFW area, Golden Choice Investments.

The Cash Alternative for the Motivated Seller

There are a variety of circumstances that might make someone a motivated seller. They might prefer certainty to uncertainty if they:

  • Need to stop a mortgage foreclosure

  • Need to stop execution for unpaid taxes or judgments

  • Want to downsize and leave stuff behind

  • Have nightmare tenants and prefer the cash

  • Cannot afford the repairs and maintenance

  • Have inherited a property and want to cash out quickly

  • Have another investment option to act upon

  • Have health or financial issues

How Sellers Benefit from a Cash Deal

Here are a few of the benefits of a simple cash transaction with a reputable local firm.

  • No real estate commission

  • Reduced or zero settlement costs at closing

  • No strangers touring the house

  • No wondering when the buyer will appear

  • Closing and full payment in as little as seven days

  • No inspection contingency

  • No appraisal or financing contingency 

  • A certain closing date

  • Leave the house as is

  • No repairs to pay for or haggle over

There are many reasons a seller might be motivated and unwilling to wait indefinitely for a buyer. For those sellers interested in certainty and predictability rather than anxiety, choose a reputable and local cash buyer for the property.

Golden Choice Investments is a local family-owned business in the Dallas metro area. They provide win-win solutions to help area homeowners so they can continue to do the things they love.

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