Porchlight Property Group Buys Homes for Cash in Grandville, MI

Porchlight Property Group Buys Homes for Cash in Grandville, MI

Studies have shown that selling a home is one of life’s most stressful experiences. There is stress even in a smooth transaction, and a problem property or situation aggravates matters. There are a host of issues that might disrupt a real estate deal. Avoid these hassles by selling a home to a reputable, local cash buyer.

The Typical House Sale

The standard, full-service broker will take at least 6% of the sales price. Other seller closing costs will be 1 to 3% of the sales price. The sale process involves open houses and showings, meaning that there are strangers wandering about. There is no guarantee that a qualified, serious buyer will ever appear. And, if a buyer materializes, there is no firm timeframe in which the sale must close. The closing date in the contract is an educated guess. In fact, a homeowner might wait several weeks to a few months for their money, often depending upon the whims of a distant lender.

The standard real estate contract allows buyers to terminate a deal if the house inspection reveals a problem or if mortgage financing is denied. These are the two most common reasons that real estate deals fail to close. The house inspection risk is even greater for homeowners who are aware of problems but don’t have the resources or time to remedy them. Avoid uncertainty, anxiety, and delay by selling the home to a local we buy houses company like Porchlight Property Group.

The Alternative: A Quick Cash Sale

Here are a few of the benefits one might expect by selling a house for cash directly to Porchlight Property Group.

  • No open houses or showings

  • No buyer to wait for—they give an immediate cash offer

  • No contractual contingencies for financing or inspection

  • No bank appraisal required

  • No real estate commission to pay

  • No closing costs to pay

  • No repairs to pay

  • Close in two weeks or less with no delays or surprises

Find out more about us at https://www.porchlightpg.com/.

Who Might Benefit from a Cash Sale

These are the most common scenarios in which a seller benefits from a cash sale.

  • Stopping a foreclosure

  • Needing home repairs one cannot afford

  • Downsizing. Leave that stuff behind

  • Bad tenants. Sell it and walk away with cash

  • They are simply tired of the endless maintenance and repairs

  • Tax or other liens 

  • Vacant property that costs money every month

  • Inheriting a house and no desire or time for repairs and delays

The standard real estate transaction assumes that the seller is willing and able to wait an indefinite time for the right buyer to appear. But, there are many common circumstances in which the seller simply cannot wait. Sellers in such circumstances are well advised to seek a local reputable cash buyer for that problem property or urgent situation.

Porchlight Property Group was founded by Mitchell Pater to help struggling homeowners in greater Grand Rapids. They are investors and problem solvers who will give a fair cash offer and close quickly. Their goal is to provide realistic solutions for any situation.

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