Indie Soull is excited to declare the release of the uplifting new album “The Book Of Angels (Remastered)” which is available worldwide on all music platforms

Indie Soull is excited to declare the release of the uplifting new album “The Book Of Angels (Remastered)” which is available worldwide on all music platforms. The complete tracklisting is as follows:

1. California
2. Book Of Angels
3. Tides
4. Time
5. Anything
6. The Lord Taketh Away



I’m usually of the mind that modern acoustic singer-songwriters, if I can categorise these artists together like this, often produce their best work in their early albums. It’s usually before the allure of unnecessarily expensive production and overbearing instrumental options sets in, and the raw focus on song-writing and subject matter is the primary core. The UK/US singer-songwriter Mutch Katsonga is someone who has avoided that trap, maintaining a minimalist and impactful brand of folk and country infused acoustic music across a number of recent albums under his Indie Soull guise. His latest record, The Book Of Angels, is as strong as anything he has released thus far, utilising less Americana influence in favour of subtle indie and gospel flavoured sounds.

It’s applaudable how well Indie Soull uses simple instrumentation to such brilliant effect. The track-listing consists of spacious acoustic guitar lead numbers and piano-lead ballads, with the few additional elements such as string sections and slide guitar adding emphasis and depth in just the right places. There is an expert use of dynamics across this album, and Indie Soull clearly has a strong grasp of how to utilise this both in his vocal performance and his playing.

The album begins with a simple piano introduction, before moving into California, a love letter to the the golden state which follows on from a number of other songs Indie Soull has named after US states. The chord patterns remind me of Jack Johnson’s summer evening style melodies, while the faltering vocals and echoing atmosphere reminds me of Passenger’s more stripped back moments.

After this is the title track, a classic piano ballad with shades of gospel. There is a really life-affirming tone to the song, unsurprising given it’s biblical themes of birth and renewal, but the song-writing is strong enough to go beyond the Christian soulfulness and create something even a staunch atheist such as myself can appreciate.

Tides has a particularly Ben Howard-esque vibe with it’s use of soft strings and dynamic vocal tones. Quickly ranging from the quiet and fragile to the bold and full-blooded, the song is cleverly composed and the most interesting tune on the album. Time brings back some country sounds from his previous work, adding a gorgeous layer of slide guitar to the instrumentation. There are some moments where the track threatens to really take off, and it’s the one time on the album where the song may have benefited from kicking up a gear. That being said, it’s still a gorgeous tune and Indie Soull’s vocals here are top class.

Anything is a really beautiful and subtle track that has shades of Damien Rice about it. It’s a perfect example of what I spoke about in the beginning, a song that works best in it’s elemental form: acoustic guitar, soft vocals and plenty of aural space. Nothing more would make this song any better, it’s perfect just as it is. The final track, The Lord Taketh Away, has some more gospel vibes to it and a chorus hook which is immediately memorable. While the track is also a subtle acoustic guitar driven song, you could easily imagine this track producing huge sing-a-longs at concerts.

Indie Soull is clearly a talented singer and songwriter who has a real knack for the kind of stripped back earworm tune that can gain mass appreciation without losing meaning along the way. There is a balance to his style too, something that sits not quite in the dark and introverted styles of Elliott Smith and Joni Mitchell, nor in the pop stylings of Ed Sheeran or James Blunt, but somewhere in between. The greatest moments on this record are the ones where Indie Soull’s character really comes alive, and I find that most often on the soulful acoustic guitar lead tracks. The Book Of Angel’s is a fine addition to Indie Soull’s catalogue of work and should act as another stepping stone in his artistic progression.

(Reviewed by Will Johnson for Words In The Earth, UK)

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