RestorMedicine Has Experienced San Diego Naturopathic Doctor Treating Residents in San Diego, CA

RestorMedicine Has Experienced San Diego Naturopathic Doctor Treating Residents in San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA – RestorMedicine takes pride in being an integrative medicine and wellness center located in San Diego, CA. The naturopathic doctor focuses on helping patients who come into the center to address common health care needs as well as providing patients with a healthy, well-being-oriented lifestyle. RestorMedicine focuses on offering a wide range of health services that aim to deliver effective results health-wise.

The naturopathic doctor at RestorMedicine offers a wide range of services, including naturopathic medicine, nutritional counseling, bio-resonance (frequency-based) therapy, natural pain management, neurofeedback, massage therapy, sports rehabilitation therapy, as well as detoxification and weight management programs.

The representative for the San Diego naturopathic doctor, while describing the practice at the naturopathic center, noted that patients who come into the center would have access to cutting edge testing and treatments that are focused on assessing the overall function of the patient’s body and correcting the imbalances that contribute to their illness. 

A spokesman of the naturopathic center said: “We aim to remove the obstacles to healing and address the underlying causes of illness, not just mask the symptoms. To do this, we use a range of diagnostic and assessment tools, ranging from bio-resonance assessment to sophisticated functional medicine laboratory testing. We believe in treating our patients as a whole, and complete people made up of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and that illness can come from imbalances in any or all of these areas. We believe in listening to our patients and respecting their viewpoints. We believe that medical care is a team approach and that practitioners and patients are in partnership together. We believe in educating and empowering our patients to be actively involved in their own health care decisions.”

Patients who visit the RestorMedicine center will have access to top-quality naturopathic care and treatment. The modalities that have been designed to effectively combat common conditions like Lyme disease, autistic-spectrum disorders, CFS and fibromyalgia, chronic pain, weight management issues, male and female hormone imbalances, adrenals, thyroids, menopause, PMS, depression and anxiety, sports injury, musculoskeletal dysfunction, preconception healthcare, digestive disorders, and more.

RestorMedicine takes a careful approach to the treatment of these conditions. Patients at the naturopathic center will have access to a range of proven and effective treatment options, including the RestorMedicine – San Diego IV therapy, heavy metal chelation, nutrition counseling, biomedical treatments for ADHD and Autistic spectrum disorders, detoxification, B12 injection, evaluation of adrenals, thyroid, immune, digestive, detox, and hormone system, and other treatment modalities.

Get started on a path to health and wellness with RestorMedicine. The clinic is located at 928 Fort Stockton Dr #213, San Diego, CA, 92103. For additional information, visit their website.

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