Stock Shark App Gives Investors An Edge With Advanced Visualization Tools

Singapore – March 10, 2020 – Stock Shark is changing the world of investing with its revolutionary new application. Stock Shark gives retail investors unprecedented access to financial data, streamlining previously complex charts and data into simple, easy to digest charts and graphs.

“More retail investors are getting involved with the stock markets these days. Yet, for many people, they lack the time to examine the ins and outs of each company because they are too busy with family or work. We let the pros do their jobs, by providing investing tools that the everyday investor can use to understand a company’s financial health,” said Stock Shark founder, Aaron Issac.

“Stock Shark can tell in seconds if a company is in a good or bad shape. Each powerful chart offers insight into the key numbers that make the company tick.”

“All this data analysis is bound to create an explosion in financial literature.” Says Aaron.

Stock Shark’s algorithm uses cutting edge data science techniques to accurately display company financials. The software is powered by sophisticated regression analysis tools, and proprietary data science research. Stock Shark incorporates all of the necessary tools that investors need to make smart investment decisions and feel confident about the future.

Stock Shark pulls all pertinent information about a company into a single easy to use interface. This helps investors find out how sustainable a company’s growth really is. Stock Shark provides powerful financial analysis results at the click of a button. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Stock Shark is not the first company to utilize state-of-the-art analysis. However, Stock Shark is one of the first to offer a truly user friendly way for anyone to examine a company’s data.

“More novice investors need tools they can trust. We hope more professional investors will find Stock Shark’s tools useful as well. Periods of fast growth or fast decline are usually a good time to purchase or sell, but it can be hard to tell if it is a temporary trend or a permanent change. Stock Shark illustrates the quarterly growth and contraction of companies in an intuitive and easy to understand manner—oversimplification is what we strive for. We want to make the process of finding, trusting, buying, and selling stocks, as easy as possible.” Said Issac.

Try Stock Shark today and gain confidence, clarity, and certainty!

Company Description: Stock shark was created in 2020 by a group of Singaporean fintech professionals. We believe in giving the retail investors the same informational edge as Wall Street.

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