CCRPS Provides Staff Training & Certification for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Device, and CROs

CCRPS works with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and contract research organizations to efficiently train and certify their clinical research associates, coordinators, and assistants to meet ICH GCP and CFR compliance for their staff.

Outsourcing CRA, CRC, CTA Education and Training with CCRPS

  1. Platform: CCRPS provide a platform that allows up to 3 supervisors to track employee progress through the course. CCRPS can customize the course to allow for scheduled completion and mandatory completion of selected modules. Employees are able to download all slides for reference throughout their career. This is especially helpful as our slides provide examples of letters, checklists, and reports.

  2. Accreditation: CCRPS is accredited by the ACCRE and Joint Commission to provide CRA, CRC, and CTA certification online. Our ICH GCP chapter is included in all courses and meets the TransCelerate regulatory requirements for compliance with the sponsor and the FDA. Physicians and nurses also recieve 17.5 CME credits upon completion.

  3. Same-Day Enrollment: Groups can enroll their employees same-day or next-day based on approval of the invoice and other specification requests. An invoice will be prorated for the cost of enrollment which must be paid within 1 week of employee enrollment in the course and before the completion of the 1st employee from the course.

  4. Extensive Content: CCRPS content is used widely for the training of new, unexperienced staff as well as senior staff who require a refresher in their training. Due to this, our content is considered highly extensive and offers multiple examples, applications, and templates that can be used to write reports, letters, and apply knowledge to real life scenarios. CCRPS pride itself in the ability to provide new staff with all of the content they could need to start their career as a CRA, CRC, or CTA as well as the ability to provide thoroughness that allows senior working staff to refresh their content knowledge. At the end of the course, staff will have the tools, efficiency, applicable knowledge, and compliance-focused mindset needed to produce accurate, reliable results for the next trial.

  5. Efficient Completion: Employees can complete the course within 2 weeks if aiming for a specific trial start deadline. Certain modules can be removed from the course if not mandatory for the trial or situation (i.e. ethics of research in prisoner populations).

  6. SOP Customization: Company-related training materials can be integrated into the course to allow employees to have a single portal for completion of all educational training.

  7. Life-long access: Employees can request access to the course at any point in their life for review of materials.

  8. Certification: Employees receive a certificate after completion of the final exam. A 70% is required to pass the exam and there are 2 attempts allowed. Employees will get additional support if they do not pass the first exam due to knowledge deficits. Certification will be provided immediately after completion stating the employee name, date of complete, and certificate ID. Certificates are PDF downloadable and also virtual with a unique URL for future use.

CCRPS provides a group discount to groups over 20. CCRPS also offer a group discount for rolling-enrollment contracts with a minimum of 20 enrollments expected in the upcoming 365 days. Please reach out to our 24/7 chat team or contact our support team at with the expected employee enrollment for each specific course in order to receive an invoice for enrollment. Enrollment can begin as soon as same-day during business hours or the following day.

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