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Wedding photography a-chin is an international wedding photographer with six international certifications and awards. His main service has always been to shoot weddings. He believes that 80% of the weddings are uncontrollable. Only 10% ~ 20% of the weddings are the parts that photographers can create, and this 80% is the most important part of the wedding photography record,

(絆嵐攝 Wedding photography

This is also the main reason why wedding photography has always attracted him. Unlike wedding photos, it’s different and unique. Achin thinks that wedding records are more important than wedding photos. In terms of his 8-year experience in shooting wedding photos, he gets feedback from newlyweds that he constantly takes out wedding records instead of wedding photos, because even if he chooses the same wedding dress and the same banquet as others The same wedding photography and recording team, the same new secret, the photos will still have unique characteristics, exclusive to the new couple’s photos, the picture is no longer just the two new couple’s posing and kissing picture, the day may have, the moment unexpected picture, the picture of long time not see the same school happy, parents do not give up the emotional expression of the picture…

Every time before marriage, he will ask the couple’s preferences in advance, or the pictures and details that he especially wants to take at the wedding. For example, wedding arrangements carefully commissioned by manufacturers, important relatives and friends from abroad, or elders who usually don’t like to be photographed, all hope to take advantage of the important moment of the wedding to take a group photo. If you review these images in the future, you will still be deeply moved. In addition, even the color of the venue, the collocation of the dress, or the preferred shooting style of the newcomer must be paid special attention. Because of the importance of the wedding to the new couple, in order to make the scene more warm, aqin will provide more suggestions on the wedding game, or ask about the surprise program prepared by the new couple. Once, he suddenly suggested that the bridegroom sing a song for the bride at the wedding. As expected, he was cheered by the audience. The whole audience was deeply moved, which made him particularly impressed.

“Every shot is unique”

Not only that, ah chin also shared that the interesting point of shooting a wedding is that each couple’s family and personality are different, so every time they shoot a wedding, they will have a different feeling. He recalled that he once met a couple who were both firefighters. They not only chose to wear fire-fighting clothes to shoot their wedding dress, but also the precious picture of the bridegroom hanging and kissing, which was particularly unforgettable. Even on the wedding day, they followed the tradition of firefighters. They filled the cup with unknown drinks to represent the blessings of all the people, and encouraged the groom to drink. The atmosphere was very lively. Or another scene of the couple preparing to lead the way chicken to make the people in a hurry was quite unforgettable. Wedding is the happiest moment in the world, and the presentation of a perfect photo has a great relationship with how the photographer guides the scene, how to make the hot atmosphere continue to the photos, so that the couple can feel the atmosphere of the wedding day from the photos in the future, and taking a commemorative photo worth collecting is the best way to motivate achin to move forward in the photography road power.

“Wedding photography is a bonus role. 婚禮攝影” Ah chin seriously said that helping the new couple record one more picture during the wedding is to constantly add points for the wedding, and when the new couple look at the photos and recall, they like the moments when their true feelings reveal most. He mentioned that even normally reserved parents can’t help showing their most emotional side at weddings. For example, the picture of a serious father with tears in his eyes when he says goodbye can’t be captured immediately without making preparations in advance. When photographing scenery, the photographer can slowly adjust the parameters, and even challenge again the next day, but the wedding is the most precious and can’t come back.

The role of the wedding photographer is like the eyes of the new couple, recording different perspectives for the new couple through the lens, capturing the most precious bits and pieces at the moment, quietly observing and waiting, without deliberately creating a picture, you can see the sincere interaction between many relatives and friends and the warm and moving blessing of each other in the wedding. In his opinion, only by recording every detail and the current atmosphere, can emotion be preserved and handed down.

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