Mango Animate Sketch Video Maker Creates Quality Doodle Videos Quickly

Mango Animate Sketch Video Maker Creates Quality Doodle Videos Quickly

“Users can select what hand and gesture they want to present their content with.”
Mango Animate WM is designed with powerful features and rich hand selections, allowing video content to be displayed on the screen through sketching.

A sketch video is a captivating and entertaining way to communicate just about any message. Audiences are usually enraptured with watching as concepts are brought to life before their eyes. Of course, adding animations keeps them watching and helps the message stay in their minds for longer. The Mango Animate sketch video maker lets users of any skill level create fascinating sketch videos quickly and easily.

“Our sketch video maker is so easy to use,” says Lynn Tang, Customer Service Head at Mango Animate. “Even amateurs will find themselves creating videos quickly with very little effort.”

The sketch video maker offers several pre-built templates. Templates cover various industries and fields so anyone can find suitable templates for their videos. All templates feature backgrounds, images, audio, and animations. However, users are free to replace any part of the templates with their preferred options. They can either choose elements from within the sketch video maker or import custom items.

There is a massive media library in the sketch video maker. It contains thousands of royalty-free images, including over five hundred SVGs. And that’s just the free version! The paid versions offer even more media items to subscribers. This means users have a wide array of media items they can use to enhance their sketch videos.

The image editor lets users customize their images directly in the sketch video maker. They can change colors, rotate, flip, and crop images. They can also add different effects such as shadow and blur to name a few. Additionally, they can import images and add them to the videos.

Interesting characters are important in any good story. They involve the audience in what’s being portrayed more than simple text or audio. There are over twenty dynamic characters in the sketch video maker. They will act out any script convincingly and make viewers more likely to take the desired actions.

The drawing in a sketch video is what makes it most interesting. This sketch video maker has various hand types and actions. Hands are available in male and female, in different sizes and colors. Users can import and use any image as the drawing hand, increasing the potential for creativity.

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