History Remembers Legendary Iconic Mexican Boxer Worldwide

Legendary Boxer From Mexico City Started The Dream to Beat all. One of the First Men of South America battling all odds with his Fist. The Original Mexican Sensation or Brown Bomber as Men would stand in Line Honorable to Fight This Legend.

David, David, David, Then Louder Sotelo! Sotelo! Sotelo the Arenas Worldwide 50,000 people from all over the world would scream till they could scream no more. 

David Sotelo Had a Dream from Mexico City/ Acapulco a gentleman of gentleman. Who would set the president That a Sauve Latin Good Looking Man Could Become a World Boxer, and fight as A brute but Look like a leading Man.

At the Start of His legacy most people thought that Mostly Latin good boxers, where not a option. Definately Good looking Boxers. Are you from Mexico People would ask Yes, Are you from Acupulco Yes David would answer. He never gave up his heritage.

David Sotelo later to follow in his foot step De La Hoya and Many other such as Conelo, Klitko etc. But First a Young Man from Mexico David Sotelo, who like Mohomad Ali, His looks gained notice Leading Him to Television, Media, and Becoming a Top Boxer With Notariety as such. Traveling From Mexico To Italy, Canada, France, UK, Spain, Germany, China, Japan, Portugal, Brazil,Africa and Greece.
History Remember Legendary Iconic Mexican Boxer Worldwide

David Sotelo Was also noted for Urban Renovation Restoration of Historic Properties in Los Angeles, and Mexico/Acupulco. Established Imigrant, Student, Blue collar Housing Program. Noted for His Small League of Boxers, And Mentoring in Southern California. His Son’s and Daughter are Professional.

He would Jet Set Back and Forth or where he desired with His Wife World wide and lived openly with His Olympic style Training from Panoussis a Greek Gentleman who Went to Mexico bought a Building to house boxers in the 60’s. The Start of a Dream. To George Pan Andreas a Greek Actor Friend whom he went to Greece with for the Greek Olympics David Sotelo actively supported New Boxing Talent Scouting eyeing Kahn and Many others…

A Great Feet is David Sotelo, Senor El Pana George Pan Andreas The Three Amigos, Together like Dynomite in Tijuana. Davids Superstardom Superceded him and was ask to Preform with the Matadors in Playa Rosarita a legend to a legend is a legend.

He Believed in People, Believed in Good in People… Positive Possibility Dreamer and Fighter of Life. Covid fights would leed David walking approx 1 mile every other day when he could, altough he substained as most boxers. Septum issues which became increased with Age opening him up to The New Fight with Covid. Flowers can be delivered In Front 1446 – 1458 Alvarado Terrace, Los Angeles, California 90006 Photos of David Sotelo are on the wall of the exterior of the Building. And the Building will be mounting a Brass Sign to Commenmorate his life not death.

2021 David Succombed to Covid 19. We can’t say He Died. David Sotelo Lived, Lived as The First, Lived as a Legend, Lived as a Good Man, Lived as a Mexican, Lived as a International Celebrity, and Finally Counted out to Covid we all stop to Remember David Sotelo A legend from Mexico. And Impacted the Whole world. 

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