New Limerick Collection Illustrates Author’s Comforting Slice Of Life

The poetry book gives readers a glimpse into the seemingly mundane yet creative life of a retiree.

Authors Press announces the release of author Damon Gross’ inspired poetry collection, “A Light and Lively Look at Life: A Collection of Limericks,” where he shares his thoughts and emotions through one of the most entertaining poetic forms, limerick.

History has supplied readers with amazing limerick writers like Edward Lear, William Shakespeare, Ogden Nash and Dr. Seuss. Like these well-loved poets before him, Gross has succeeded in creating zany, cheeky, sometimes even peculiar pieces that will entertain readers everywhere.

As with most limericks, Gross’ pieces are humorous and to the point, often depicting his everyday life, nature’s endearing idiosyncrasies and the changing seasons around him. The author has experienced many idle moments since retiring, and he has used these instants to turn ordinary happenings into witty and introspective writings. He has proven that retirement does not always mean people are stuck on boring daily routines. They can always find creative outputs — like writing poetry — to make life more colorful and interesting.

“A Light and Lively Look at Life” is full of lyrical insight from the author’s thoughts while showering, shaving, brushing his teeth, fixing supper, washing the dishes, watching his beloved Hawkeyes play or performing other mindless chores.

The author also shares limericks that touch on relatable topics centered on the changing seasons, sporting events, the intimate mating rituals of rabbits, the aging process, the rhetoric surrounding a divisive political environment and a wintry gloom that leaves everyone a bit uninspired.

Ultimately, this volume of lighthearted limericks reflects a retiree’s view of the world around him as he embraces all that accompanies the transformations that each season brings. The book may even inspire its readers to write poetry about their own lives as they see the world through the author’s words.

Gross earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Doane College and his master’s and doctorate degrees in philosophy at the University of Iowa. After a diverse career that included teaching philosophy at seven colleges and universities and working for IBM as a systems engineer, he is now happily retired. “A Light and Lively Look at Life” is his first book.

“A Light and Lively Look at Life: A Collection of Limericks” is available at Authors Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

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