“I Saw Leaves Last Night” – New Book by Author Lisa Musall

A book that will have you gripped, page after page.

Lisa Musall‘s I Saw Leaves Last Night is an intriguing short work that’s ready and waiting to be read by anyone looking to connect with something a little different. The compact approach and enticing prose get you thinking in a whole variety of new ways as you turn the page and see what the next words will bring. To learn more about the inspiration behind the work and what it means to the author, she sat down to share her thoughts and feelings on this first venture into the literary world.

“As you can probably tell from the title this is a book that came about in one of the most unexpected ways. I was driving home thinking about how I could show my student how slowing down and taking time with his book creation would make his story more desirable when leaves started to pop off the pavement and twirl around. That sparked my imagination. I thought I saw leaves dancing on the street. As soon as I got home I put the thought on paper! As someone who has worked in Occupational Therapy for so many years it was truly wonderful to feel my brain switch on in a completely different way and open my eyes to new ways of looking at the world. As my journey continued the book began to take shape in my mind, and when I got home I knew I wanted to put it all down on paper. Thankfully I got through it and now get to share this journey with the world.”

An intriguing way of entering the writing world that’s for sure, so where does she hope this will take her?

“Truth be told, it was never a thought in my head that I would write a story, but as an Occupational Therapist I am creative and strive to inspire my students. Watching my 3rd grade student scribble pencil on his characters and not trying to add detail set my desire into motion. I challenged him that I would create a story to show him how it mattered. It took about 6 months to complete, but he watched along the way. It inspired him. He does very well these days!”

And how about the next 12 months, what does she hope they will turn into?

“I would love the chance to continue to discuss my book and get people intrigued to read it. You’ll have no doubt noticed that I’m not giving too much away about what they’ll find once they delve around inside the cover because I want them to enjoy the same sense of wonder and discovery that I enjoyed this past fall. Other than that, it would be incredible to continue to find such natural sources of inspiration and build a name for myself where I can connect people with experiences they had never imagined. Writing has the power to do that, and I would love making it happen.”

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