Soundtrax Hub Continues growth As a Tool For Downloading Soundtrax and Playlists

Los Angeles based company, Get SoundTrax launched it’s Soundtrax Hub about a year ago and has grown into a useful tool for people to post sound tracks to provide free downloads and/or licenses for users to download them for use in YouTube, film and multimedia projects, and to stream in Playlists as mood music for businesses or just to share.

Get SoundTrax provides quality, creative and custom tracks that in many cases include the separate tracks in the downloads… so that’s cool and with the ability to instantly create playlists businesses can stream over 1000 hours of music for their customers to enjoy.

“We vote Get SoundTrax ( an up and comer.”

Now more than ever access to Royalty-Free Soundtrax and FX is a must for anyone creating presentations, making Youtube videos, class projects or streaming background music for their businesses.

Get Soundtrax embraces the Creative Commons licenses system so artists can provide free downloads and/or price how they want their uploads to be downloaded and used and users can relax knowing that they have licenses to use these tracks/trax.

Founded and run by professional musicians and tech gurus with over 25 years of experience in the tech and music industries.

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Media Contact
Company Name: GetSoundTrax
Contact Person: Tony Harmon
Address:1609 Linden
City: PMC
State: CA 93222
Country: United States