Panoply Offers Free Two-month Trial to Chartio Customers Migrating Before BI Tool Shutdown

Panoply’s cloud data platform is ideally suited for Chartio users who need business intelligence continuity.

San Francisco, CA, USA – March 11, 2021 – Panoply, a cloud data platform that makes it easy to sync, store and access business data, has introduced a special offer for Chartio customers who need to migrate their data to a new platform following Chartio’s acquisition by Atlassian. Panoply will provide qualified Chartio users a two-month free trial so they can experience the ease of powering business intelligence tools with data from sources across their company.

The free two-month offer is available through March 31, 2021 and will give Chartio users a chance to experience how Panoply provides an easy, no-code approach to integrating data including files, databases, and APIs. Panoply’s ETL automates data pipelines with built-in connections to all popular cloud services, file systems, and databases including, Salesforce, Postgres, MySQL, Google Analytics, and Zendesk. Panoply’s DBA-free data warehousing allows Chartio users to store their data and populate their new BI tool with analysis-ready tables in just a few clicks.

“Any organization that relies on business intelligence understands the challenges when data feeds are disrupted,” said Paul Friesen, Panoply CEO. “Migrating data is disruptive and costly, so maintaining ongoing access to data sources for BI is essential. That’s why we are offering Chartio customers a risk-free, no-commitment opportunity to experience the power of Panoply. Panoply is an easy-to-use option to integrate data sources so users can make the transition to a new BI tool as seamless as possible.”

Panoply’s low-code approach to data management provides visibility into business performance, making it easy to create powerful, customized reports that deliver deeper insights. While migrating to a new business intelligence platform is a complex task that requires time and resources, it also presents an opportunity to purge unused reports and update outdated BI dashboards. Bringing on a consolidated storage solution like Panoply also centralizes access to data assets to provide a single source of truth.

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About Panoply

Founded in 2015, Panoply offers data warehousing and code-free data integration that helps businesses unlock business intelligence without the pain of complex pipeline management or time consuming data warehouse configuration. The company’s best-in-class data analytics automates ETL processes and data warehouse setup to simplify the discovery of crucial insights that drive business growth. Panoply’s no-code integrations make it easy to connect data sources such as MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk, and Google Analytics, as well BI and analytics tools, enabling analysis in minutes without development overhead.

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