All Natural, Aussie-Made Teen Skincare Brand Luv Ur Skin Switch From Jars To Tubes

Luv Ur Skin, an Australian-made skincare range for teens and tweens, is over the moon to announce their switch from jars to environmentally friendly, sleek tubes.

From here on out, all existing Luv Ur Skin ranges (and exciting new ranges) will be packaged and sold in convenient tubes.

Luv Ur Skin founder, Izzi Dymalovski, said there are so many advantages to using tubes over jars.

“One of our main concerns with jars was the long-term quality of the products,” Ms Dymalovski said.

“Because products in tube packaging have minimal exposer to open air, it minimises the chance of contamination and bacteria getting into the products. “Not to mention, it’s far more convenient for our customers to get their masks and lotions out of a tube, rather than scooping it up with their fingers,” she said.

All Natural, Aussie-Made Teen Skincare…

“Our new no-mess, no fuss packaging also comes with a tamper-proof seal, so you can be sure your product is as fresh and high-quality as the day we made it.

“We know our customers care about their skin’s health, so we’re really proud to be able to offer them product packaging that aligns with their values while being convenient and gorgeous at the same time,” Ms Dymalovski said.

“We’ve always been dedicated to developing premium-quality, natural skincare and beauty products for young girls and women all over the world, and we’ve always been open about what we put into our products. “It’s so great that we now have packaging with a transparent section to show you exactly what’s inside and how much you have left!   This reflects our philosophy as well as our commitment to our customers that we have nothing to hide” Miss Dymalovski said.

About Luv Ur Skin:

Adolescence is a crazy time for young skin. With all the stress in a teenager’s life, such as hormones, sports, social events, and school, it’s no wonder your skin sometimes reflects the chaos! Luv Ur Skin is a skincare range designed specifically for tweens/teens to give a little TLC back to your face and body. Our range is made with all-natural ingredients and empowers young tweens and teenagers to have the confidence to love their skin. Our brand emphasizes healthy routines, healthy lifestyle choices, and self-confidence, and our skincare products are beloved by teenagers and tweens all over the world. If you’re looking for high-quality skincare products for the youngster in your life, Luv Ur Skin is perfect for you.

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