Robustloans Develops an AI Based Software to Monitor the Latest US Housing Market Data

March 11, 2021 – Robustloans, a start-up that offers prospective customers the latest information on mortgage rates and various options to save on a purchaseof a new houseor apartment, developed an AIbased software to quickly find the latest housing market data including the best mortgage offers in the United States.

“Our people is what drives our success, and the ability to provide our customers with the latest and most comprehensive housing information is paramount,” said Senior Market Analyst Kyle Green.  Kyle Green recently published an extensive post explaining the use of the hudhomestore website to get the best deals in the housing market and a review of eChineseLearning – an online language learning company that was especially popular during the Chinese Lantern Festival.

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Our team is a mix of digital marketing experts and data analytics professionals with a profound knowledge of the mortgage industry. We know firsthand at RobustLoans that shopping for a mortgage can be very stressful and time consuming. This is largely due to the fact that following the financial crisis of 2008 federal and state regulations, mandatory disclosures and penalties governing mortgage lending have become far more stringent. Some of the new regulations for lenders are far too rigid, especially for highly qualified applicants with large down payments and outstanding credit scores. Thank you!

What we do?

At RobustLoans we help ordinary people like you find home loans without having to walk into a bank. We connect you with the lender that offers you the best mortgage/refinance rates and terms. Our services are completely FREE for the borrowers, and we match you with no more than 3 of the nation’s top mortgage lenders.

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