Cas Cleo releases debut EP, Twenty-Four. Available everywhere Friday.

Cas Cleo releases debut EP, Twenty-Four. Available everywhere Friday.

Cas Cleo poses in her EP photo shoot.
Watch out for Cas Cleo’s debut EP Twenty-Four! Releasing on all streaming platforms on Friday, March 12th!

Twenty-Four is an absolute masterpiece… Taking the emotions that come along with grief, heartbreak, and growing up and tying them up into a pretty little bow. 

We were lucky enough to snag an interview with Cas and here’s what she had to say about music, her EP, and her biggest inspirations. You can find Cas’ music everywhere, on instagram at @cas.cleo, or on TikTok at @cascleo. (Dare you to go on TikTok and ask her about the cloud!)

Anyway… here we go!

What got you into music?

I know it’s a cliche answer, but I’ve always loved music since I was little. My mom would always sing around the house and play Celtic Women CDs and my dad would always play older Blues/Rock tunes while playing pool and drinking a beer growing up so I was exposed to a pretty vast array of different styles.

What song are you most excited for the world to hear on your EP?

That’s really hard, it changes all the time. I was really excited to release Long Sleeves because it was so much more Cinematic-Pop than what I’m used to writing/ releasing. It starts calm and by the end, it turns into an emotional orchestra.

What’s the first song you wrote on your EP?

The first song I wrote on my EP was ‘Pinned Up Butterfly’. I wrote it in 2018. It almost didn’t end up on the EP because I thought it was too sad. I sent it to my friend (actually the guy that Long Sleeves is about haha) and he said “this is such an honest song I feel like you can’t record anything else until you record this” and he was right.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Probably Phoebe Bridgers and more surprisingly The 1975. Phoebe is obvious, everyone makes that comparison, but I say The 1975 because I feel like they take such big risks in their lyricism that I’ve always admired. I’m a lyricist first, and whenever I hear a 1975 song I always think “wow I wouldn’t expect that to fit in a song the way it does”. Their writing reminds me that this is my art and I can say whatever the hell I’m feeling.

What’s your favorite song on the EP and why? 

Definitely ‘Pinned Up Butterfly’, that’s my producer’s favorite too. It’s such a sad song, it’s a song about my grandpa dying and me having to clean out his house, but production-wise it turned into such a vibe with the way the drums sit starting in the first chorus. It went from a super depressing finger-picked song to a really chill feel but still kept the same emotion.

I remember going into the studio and telling Tone Def (my producer) “I hate drums I don’t want drums on anything”.  By the end of it, there were drums all over the track and it was perfect.

Congratulations on a beautiful EP, Cas! Keep an eye out… Cas is surely a force to be reckoned with.

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