Kids Nationwide are Learning American Civics by Reading this Book about Becoming President

Holistic Language Acquisition is dedicated to fostering a love of learning in young people through illustrated children’s books. Their book, “How to Become President,” by Erika Nielsen, teaches children the basics of the American presidential election process using colorful pictures and engaging fables.

Creating a strong tomorrow for our country starts by keeping our children informed today. That’s why the company, Holistic Language Acquisition, has dedicated its work to civic education for children. Their professionals, including author Erika Nielsen, have created a selection of books designed to teach advanced civics concepts in a manner that engages children and helps them care about how our country works.

The book “How to Become President” has gained praise due to the simple and easy-to-understand way that it presents topics about the American election process. Between the covers of this book about becoming president, kids will learn relevant vocabulary and topics related to how an American president is selected—all without ever touching on political differences or partisan issues. Every page offers a light and humorous tone that engages young readers instead of boring them with lists of rules, procedures, and controversial issues. This book makes it fun to teach kids about elections.

“How to Become President” is written within the ever-popular fable paradigm. Using friendly and accessible animal characters, this book demonstrates a range of personal qualities—including self-control, resilience, and balance—that will help kids on their journey to becoming a successful part of society, whether that means becoming president or achieving any other personal goal.

Call Holistic Language Acquisition today at (631) 876-1042 to purchase or learn more about Erika Nielsen’s book, “How to Become President.” Visit their website today for more information about Holistic Language Acquisition’s other books, as well as their approach to learning advanced topics in an imaginative way. Holistic Language Acquisition in Setauket, NY, is proud and honored to share their educational books with children, parents, and families everywhere.

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