Augustino Duminuco: Young CEO Who Believes In Giving Back To The Community.

Real estate is considered one of the safest and lucrative investments. But that is easier said than done! Real estate investments can come with a pretty steep learning curve. Searching for bankable opportunities and negotiating the right deal requires expertise and skill.

Limitless Resources Corporation (LRC group) specializes in acquisitions of cash-flowing industrial and commercial Real Estate Projects. “Our acquisition strategy is purchasing private cash flow positive real estate properties in British Columbia Canada. We work with experts in the real estate industry to source, perform due diligence on projects, and make sure we make informed decisions.” says CEO Augustino Duminico.

When Augustino is not engaged in real estate opportunities, he is working on making the world a better place. This Good- Samaritan founded Infinite Expansion Foundation – a Langley, British Columbia, based Non-Profit Organization. Through Infinite Expansion Foundation, Augustino works with other local groups to help those in need. Recently Infinite Expansion Foundation has focused the majority of its efforts on single parents and at-risk youth.

Founded in December 2016, Infinite Expansion Foundation has since completed their 5th annual “We’re here To Help Event” where they have provided 1,111 children with presents and gifts. The Foundation has been running the “Haircuts for Hope Program”, which has given over 2,000 free haircuts for children and adults. As well, the Foundation has revealed the launching of a new liberal Arts and Mentorship pilot program that will focus on at-risk youth. Read more about the program at

The following is an excerpt from a recent yahoo finance article regarding Augustino Duminuco: “What sets Duminuco apart from the other entrepreneurs is his utmost dedication to uplift people so that they can turn their lives around as he did. He says, “If I did it, so can you. I have a saying — don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams.” He is recognized for his client focus, philanthropy, and overall commitment to his company and community.

Augustino is always available for those in need and to network with like-minded individuals. Feel free to reach out to him through Facebook.

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