Fantastic Academy: the training platform from the leaders in the home services industry

Fantastic Academy is a digital training program developed by Fantastic Services – the UK’s leading property maintenance franchise. The Fantastic team decided to contribute to the society we live in by sharing 12-years’ worth of know-how with the wide public. The decision is provoked by the massive economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Co-founder and Board Chair of Fantastic Services – Rune Sovndahl, shares the decision point for creating the Academy: 

We were deeply concerned when the global pandemic created so many job losses that we opened up our online training platform and made it affordable for everyone who wants to learn everything from cleaning residential premises to running a 7-figure cleaning company. 

Is enrolling in Fantastic Academy the right career step? 

The cleaning training courses provide knowledge on traditional cleaning services – domestic, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning and more. They’ve announced that new, more specific service courses are yet to be introduced. Those include window cleaning, gardening and other high-demand services, highly-relatable to the challenging times we live in. 

Fantastic Academy’s online courses combine in-depth technical information, video tutorials, information on contemporary practices, and most importantly, tips on how to manage a cleaning company. All this is supported with a certificate that the learner receives upon passing the test successfully.   

The training platform serves as a navigator to everyone who has decided to acquire new skills, open his current business to new horizons, or has a long-term goal of starting his own service company. 

What pushed Fantastic Services to the decision of starting an online training company? 

With 12 years of experience in the cleaning industry, starting from a small cleaning company to one of the UK’s top property maintenance franchises, the Academy came as a natural step in their professional growth. Initially, the project was intended for onboarding Fantastic Services’ franchisees, as an internal training system. Last year, marking their 11th anniversary, they decided to open the Academy to the public and teach them how to perform services people love. 

In light of recent events, living under strict social restrictions, an online course system is what a lot of people have as the main opportunity to advance in their careers for the foreseeable future. 

Finding a sustainable work opportunity can be quite stressful for people who haven’t been on the job market for some time. Now, with the coronavirus crisis, it became even more challenging. This is where Fantastic Academy comes with its excellent advantages – flexibility, learning at your own pace, no course materials cost, and can be accessed from anywhere. Every Fantastic Academy student can stop and start the progress of the lessons anytime. 

Who are the people who stand behind Fantastic Academy? 

Fantastic Services’ founders – Rune Sovndahl and Anton SkarlatovIt all started back in 2009 when they established Fantastic Services – a small cleaning business in London. Today, Fantastic Services is a large multi-service franchise with a network of over 530 franchisees, operating on three continents. 

Rune and Anton’s idea was to build a platform where successful professionals can share their knowledge and experience with everyone interested in the cleaning industry. The teams working on Fantastic Academy are the experts in the respective fields dedicated to each one of the services – domestic cleaning, gardening, handyman, etc. Also, the technical crew includes Service development, Service quality, IT, Marketing, and Content. 

What are the opportunities for someone who has passed an online course? 

  • It depends on the professional background of the person. If they are a complete novice in the cleaning industry, passing the online courses can give a significant first boost. Hence, they can perform service appointments straight away.  

  • Anyone who has some experience in a particular field of the cleaning industry can certainly excel in his career growth with online training. For instance, with the antiviral sanitisation and disinfection course, people can become accredited technicians who can handle different sanitisation scenarios. This is a niche in the cleaning industry that will be a matter of interest in future. 

  • Another perspective on the subject is if a business owner has secured these courses as education material for his employees. It is safe to say that after passing the online training, they will be far more knowledgeable than before and ready to deal with all types of on-site situations. 

  • Last but not least, entrepreneurs who are ready to start their own company. It is an excellent business idea that can transform itself from a small opportunity to an up and running company with proven service methods. 

What are the available online courses at the moment?

Currently, people can enrol in domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, removals and packing and the newest addition – Antiviral sanitisation. The majority of them come in two packages – silver & gold. The silver one is for anyone who wants to master cleaning services, and the gold is for people who want to start their own domestic cleaning company. 

Window Cleaning and Gardening are the new upcoming courses that will be available soon. 

How do they acquire new clients? 

Fantastic Services provides services people love, and this is the easiest way to be well-known. 

Starting a business from scratch can be an overwhelming experience. The process from passing the needed online courses to running a company can take some time and effort. The important thing is to create short- and long-term goals, which provides a clearer vision of how a company operates. Fantastic Academy will be with anyone´s team on every step of their business development! 

Fantastic Services is a global home-maintenance service provider and UK’s leading cleaning franchise brand working on three continents. With 12 years of experience in the cleaning industry, their fully-vetted technicians and cleaners have proven their expertise in every possible situation on the way. Over the years, more than 530 franchisees have become part of their network, serving 50 000 clients every month. Fantastic Academy is a product of a long experience in the cleaning industry and knowledge structured concisely and completely. Everything you need to know about a professional cleaning service in one place! 

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