Bryan Perez has Had to Fight to Survive and now His Puppies can Life a Comfortable Life

Bryan Perez has Had to Fight to Survive and now His Puppies can Life a Comfortable Life

French and English bulldog breeder, Bryan Perez, had a brush with death that was the tail end of the downward trend of his youth. From a troubled childhood to disastrous teenage years ending with a drive-by shooting that left him paralyzed. After barely surviving and having a slow recovery, his love for puppies gave him the opportunity he needed to escape the death spiral his life was caught in. “I learned about generational wealth and I knew that’s what I wanted for my future. Once I made it to high school, it was like being thrown into the jungle, you had to just figure it out. I’ve got myself into trouble a few times. That’s because I didn’t have a dad really to be around to show me proper guidance as a man. Yeah, I had a stepdad up until the age 17, which is when my parents separated. That is when I feel a little boy needs his dad more than ever; to show him how to be a man. So, as I grew up, I had to become a man on my own in the streets.”

He suffered the consequences of this education on August 18, 2014. “I will never forget that day. I had just gotten out of jail December 9, 2013 after doing one year of county jail. I got shot six times leaving me not being able to walk. That was the hardest time of my life. You would think that the physical part was hard, but it wasn’t. The hardest part for me was the mental side. After I got shot and lost feelings in my legs, I was confused. I knew I got shot, but I didn’t know where or how many times I got a shot. The only bullets I felt were the two that hit me on my stomach. Luckily, my cousin was there to apply pressure to the wound. Telling me to breathe slowly so that I didn’t bleed to death, along with the medical team that helped me stay alive, that’s the main reason I survived. I was able to control my breathing so that I wouldn’t lose so much blood.”

After being rushed to the hospital, Perez was given a devastating report. “That was the hardest time of my life. You would think that the physical part was hard, but it wasn’t. The hardest part for me was the mental side. I was placed on a stretcher to get airlifted and taken to the trauma center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in less than 20 minutes. I was induced into a coma for three days so that my organs could calm down. My spleen was removed because one of the bullets did too much damage. I had a lung infection because blood got into my lungs. I still carry a bullet that went into my spinal canal. Yet the biggest obstacle, I’ve since overcome. Is not being able to walk. They pronounced me paralyzed and I was told I would never walk again. Every day and everywhere I can always remind myself to never say I can’t do something. I’ll always figure it out.”

Perez not only figured out how to recover, but during the process, bought himself a very special puppy; a french bulldog. “During that time, I got myself a French bulldog to help with my mental therapy. I didn’t have a clue that I would eventually want to get into the breeding industry. I got my first male dog, but I also wanted to get a mate for him, so I eventually got myself a female dog to accompany him. That’s when I realized I wanted to breed dogs. I knew I had a time, space, and dedication. Yet, I still didn’t think of breeding dogs on the scale that I do now.”

Perez’s current scale spans wide as he sells his puppies through an online format. While being a dog breeder sounds fun, the industry is riddled with people who abuse and neglect their puppies. Perez strives to avoid those same trends but having a humane puppy breeding business is extremely exhausting. Perez had to adjust important things in his life in order to handle the pressure of dog breeding.

“Mindset is really important when starting any business. In order to maintain things flowing in any company, the leader’s mindset must be 100% focused because if not things will be chaotic. We produce exotic English bulldogs and French bulldogs. We have an enclosure for the dogs with a 10 x 25 doghouse that we have insulated with sheet rock and put an AC splinter to make sure our dogs are kept in a well-maintained and clean environment. It brings me happiness that I could make someone smile and bring joy to someone with one of our bullies. I also enjoy being able to interact with a man’s best friend. Dogs need us and the fact that I am needed by them makes me feel good when I go above and beyond to provide each and every one of our puppies a safe and forever home.”

Perez’s clean kennel is modeled on the belief that you should only work within your means when it comes to taking care of living creatures. Check out his website here to see if any new puppies are for sale or just to catch up on the social media of sold dogs.

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